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What is Apex(L) means?
tip; the summit, peak, or extremity of anything
What is Articular surface(L) means?
articulate, to join; the area of a bone at which it is joined together with another bone as a joint
What is Aspera(L) means?
Asper, rough; as in the rough line on the posterior surface of the femur. Roughness is due to muscle attachment pulling on the bone and causing extra bone to be laid down to resist pulling it
What is Auricular surface means?
resembling the shape of the external ear.
What is Bifid(L) means?
bis, twice & findere, to cleave; cleft or split into two parts
What is Chondro(Gr.) means?
Chondros, cartilage or pertaining to cartilage
What is Condyle(Gr.) means?
knob, knucle; a rounded protuberance at the end of a bone forming an articulation.
What is Costo(L) means?
costa, rib; pertaining to rib.
What is Crest means?
a ridge or elongated prominence
What is Facet means?
a small, smooth articular surface.
What is Foramen means?
a passage or opening; a communication between two cavities of an organ; or a hole in a bone for passage of vessels or nerves
What is Fossa means?
a furrow or a shallow depression
What is Linea means?
an anatomical line
What is Malleolus(L) means?
little hammer; a rounded bony protuberance on each side of the ankle joint.
What is Osteo(Gr.) means?
osteon, bone; pertaining to bone
What is Process means?
a projection or outgrowth of bone or tissue
What is Ramus(L) means?
branch; a branch of one of the divisons
What is Retinaculum(L) means?
a band or membrane holding any organ or part in its place.
What is spine means?
a sharp process of bone
What is Sustentaculum(L) means?
support; a supporting structure
What is Symphysis(Gr.) means?
growing together; a form of synchondrosis in which bones are separated by a disk of fibrocartilage, as in joints between bodies of vertebrae or between pubic bones
What is Trochanter(Gr.) means?
a runner; a large, usually blunt process, as in the two below the neck of the femur.
What is Trochlea(Gr.) means?
a pulley; a smooth articular surface
What is Tubercle(L) means?
tuberculum, little swelling; a small rounded elevation or eminence; a small tuberosity.
What is Tuberosity means?
an elevated round process of a bone having a rough, uneven surface to which muscles and ligaments may attach