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Who is Eli Whitney?
Great inventor.
Who is Brigham Young?
The leader of the Mormon church after Joseph Smith died.
Who is Roger Taney?
Chief Justice, ruled that Dred Scott had to right to sue.
Who is Martin Van Buren?
A democratic president.
Who is Harriet Beacher Stowe?
Wrote the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Who is Sam Houstan?
Military leader of the Texans.
Who is Abe Lincoln?
2nd Pres. of the U.S.
Who is Joseph Smith?
The founder of the Mormon church.
Who is Stephan A Douglas?
Rival of Abe Lincoln in the Illinois senatorial election n 1858 defender of pop. sov. wanted to be pres. in 1860.
Who is Stphen Austin?
In 1822, he took over a grant of land that the spanish govt. had given his father. Attrackted 30,000 Americans.
Who is General Winfield Scott?
Occupied Mexicos capital.
Who is Henry Clay?
A whig, lost @ the election of 1844.
Who is Daniel Boone?
He explored the Louisianna Territory.
Who is General Santa Anna?
He signed a treaty recognizing the independence of the Texans but renounced it as soon as he was free.
Who is Cyrus McCormick?
Developed the mechanical reaper, mechanical drill, threshing machine, and horse drawn hay rake.
Who is James Polk?
Won the 1844 election. Submitted British proposal to devide oregon along the 49th parallel.
Who is Harriet Tubman?
Runaway slave, freed more than 300 others also.
Who is Zachary Taylor?
General, invaded Northern Mexico, won the batttle of Buena Vista.
Who is Dred Scott?
Was in a free state and wished to be freed but could not be, for it was 'against the law.'
Who is Millard Fillmore?
Vice Pres.
Who is John C. Fremont?
Nominated in election of 1856, lost to Buchanan.
Who is James Buchanan?
Pres. suggested that the idea of slavery be left up to the Supreme Court.