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a new figure that results from the transformation of a figure in a plane
the original figure in the transformation of a figure in a plane
the operation that maps or moves a pre-image onto an image
a transformation that preserves lengths. also known as rigid transformations
a type of transformation that uses a line that acts like a mirror, with an image reflected in the line
line of symmetry
a line that a figure in the plane has is the figure can be mapped onto itself by a reflection in the line
a type of transformation in which a figure is turned about a fixed point
center of rotation
the fixerd point is called the center of rotation
angle of the rotation
the angle formed when rays are drawn from the center of rotation to a point and its image
a transformation that maps every two point P and Q in the plane to points P' and Q' so that PP'=QQ'
a quantity that has both direction and magnitude, and is represented by an arrow drawn between two points
component form
component form of a vector is the form that combines the horizontal and vertical components of the vector
glide reflection
a transformation in which every point P is mapped onto a point P' by the followingtwo steps: 1) a translation maps P onto P'. 2) a reflection, in a line K parallel to the direction of the translation maps P onto P'
when two or more transformations are combined to produce a single transformation, the result is called a composition of the transformation.
frieze pattern
a pattern that extends to the left and right in such a way that the pattern can be mapped onto itself by a horizontal translation