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Age, Gender and Wealth and their implications on the provision of healthcare systems locally.

Dudley / Halesowen / Birmingham


Healthcare in our area is provided by many different organisations.

The NHS is at the front healthcare in the UK

Lye and Cradley

Youthful Populations

Teenage Pregnancies.

Mobile Clinics in schools.

STD Info.

Quinton - Suburbs of Birmingham.

Ageing Population

Council Partnership Care

Residential Homes in Brandhall and Hagley Road.

Harbourne - Suburbs of Birmingham.

Ageing Population

Council building, Kenrick centre of dementia care.

Run dementia cafe's monthly.

Sparkhill - Inner City Birmingham

- High Ethnic population and women with EAL.

Court Road Leisure Centre run women only nights with pakistani female instructors.

Dudley - Created healthcare strategy from 2010 to 2015 which aims to:

Reduce Tobacco use

Increase health education and reduce poverty

Increased number of outreach services to health check in Pensnett ( highest mortality rate in the borough and lowest income / educational levels)

Dudley Family and Child Poverty Reduction Programme

Issuing energy credits to ensure families do not run out, ensuing those close to poverty have access to open space and education support

⦁David Lloyd Health Club Brierly £60 per month - Council run - £30

Sutton Coldfield, outer suburbs Birmingham - Highest income in city, high levels of education, wealthiest, high demand for leisure

Wyndley Leisure Centre - Largest in Birmingham

Other Options

Increased income also increases access to private healthcare optionsve e.g. Denplan Denistry, Priory Hospital, Edgebaston Hospital, West Midlands Hospital in Halesowen

These offer a quick and efficient service to people who can pay. and will offer treatments that may not be available on the NHS Charitable organisations also offer wider support than the NHS e.g. Macmillan Cancer Support, the hospice movement. They focus on health and welfare.