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What country in Sub-Saharan Africa is refrerred to as "The Pearl of the Nile", Ta-Merry, Kemut, Sais or "aegyptus"?
Whwre did the early civilizations of Kush, Egypt and Ethiopia get there start?
Sub-Sahran Africa
What place is known as ancient Nubia?
What Place in Sub-Saharan Africa is located in the shallo stretches of the nile? It is also a center of culture and militaryu might in Africa?
What place is also known as Abyssinia?
What place in Sub-Sahran Africa is known as the oldest daughter of Africa?
Where are pyramids and the Merowe Dam located?
What three countries make up sub-sahran Africa?
kush, Egypt and Ethiopia
What did the Romans called conqured territory?
What ere all "burnt faced people" called?
What did the Greeks refer to Africa as?
What dynasty did King tut rule in?
Who was Ramses wife?
What country was Ramses wife from?
What is the 3rd largest empire of Western Sudan?
Songhay Empire
What are the five major dynasties/empires of Sub-Saharan Africa?
18th, Ramses, Ethiopian/Nubian, Eygptian/Ghanan/Mali/Oyo, Songhay
What three ancient cultures dominated Africa the first seven centuries before the birth of Christ?
Greeks, than Romans, than Arabs
Which African cheif coverted to the Islamic faith and entered Spain in 711 AD where he made the moors build cities in Cordoba?
Gilbril Tarik
In what year did Gibril Tarik invade Spain?
711 AD
In what year did the Africans, Arabs anf Berbers lose control of Spain?
What three peoples lost control of Spain in 1492
Africans, Arabs, and Berbers
What Greek historian visited Egypt?
What ARab Georgrapher wrote a bok about Ghana in 700 AD?
Ibn Haukal
In what year did Ibn Hakul write a book about Ghana?
700 AD
What Arab geographer wrote about Mali?
Ibn Battuta
It is false to say that most of Africa's history was writeen by which three people?
conqurers, missinaries, and adventurers
It is false to say that Africa is important to what 4 poeples/places?
greek, Roman , European, and American
What Khoi Khoi woman was taken from S. Africa and exhibited as a monster to the British? scientific/British name
Hottnta Venus/ "Sarah Baartman"
In what year was Sarah Baartman/ Hottenta Venus taken to France for sceintific research of her geneitalia?
In what year did Sarah Baartman/Hottenta Venus die?
Where were Hottenta Venus/ Sarah Bartmaan's sexual organs and brain displayed until 1985?
Musee de l' Homme
In the musee de l' Homme what two things of Sarah Baartmaan/Hottenta Venus's were on display?
genitals, brain
Between 1650 to 1860 how many enslaved people were transported to the West indies, Centrral America, and S. America?
10 to 15 million
Between what years were 10 to 15 million enslaved people shipped to the West Indies, Central AMerica, and S. America?
Europeans sought to dehumanize African captives with the support f what institution?
the christian church
What was significant in the realm of slavery in the 1500s?
there were over 15 million African Captives
What Nigerian poet wrote Africa Diaspora?
Segun Rasaki
"Africa, Your Children scattered all over the world crying for you"
Segun Rasaki
What were the two main reasons for slavery?
labor and resourses
Whisch German Chancellor hosted the scramble for Africa?
Otto von Bismark
Where was the scramble for Africa held and in what years?
COnfrence of Berlin 1884-1885
What was the scarmble for Africa?
an event where europeans divided up the countries of Africa
Between what years was Africa divided into 55 small colonies?
Between 1885-1905 how many small colonies was Africa divided into?
What ere the 2 consequences of the scramble for Africa?
borders were created and socities were split
Why did the Heroro Genecide take place?
Katanga resourses of diamonds, copper and cobalt
What did the Katanga resources of diamonds, copper and cobalt lead to?
Heroro Genocide
What is Sahara an Arabic word for?
What percentage of Africa does the Sahara take up?
What does the Sahara seperate?
the main part of Africa from the Meditterannean and N. Africa
What is sub-saharan africa?
the portion of Africa south of the Sahara desert
Why is sub-saharan africa historically referred to as "black Africa"
b/c of the skin color of the indigenious people
11,508,793 square miles
the area of arfica
16,000 miles
African Coast line
How much bigger is Africa than Europe?
three times the size
3,000 ft
How much Africa rises up
WHat type of landscape is Africa primarily?
If the vegetation os Mediterraneon what continent dies it resemble?
S. Europe
What two types of vegetation grow in east and south africa?
grass and shrubs
What is possible norteast and south of the congo basin?
What two types of vegetation grow in the savannahs
grass and bushes
What is Sahel an Arabic word for?
What is the wide stretch of land runnning from the Atlantic Ocean to the African Horn containing Ethiopia, Eritream Djibouti, and somalia?
In what part of africa is the climate arid and unstable?
What part of Africa has proedminantly sparse vegetation of grasses and shrubs?
What is the population of Sahel engaged in?
nomadic herding
What is the largeest river in the world?
what river passes through the mountains of the East African plateau, the Great lakes and emerges from lake victoria?
the nile
Which river passes through Ethopia, Erithea, sudan, ugand, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanada, Burundi, Egypym and the Democratic Republic of COngo?
the nile
What is the 2nd largest river in Africa?
What river rises in central southern Africa and flows eastward towrd the idian ocean
What is the 3rd largest river in africa?
What is the 9th largest river in the world?
What is the 4th largest river in Africa?
What part of africa is poor, more rural and reletively young?
sub-saharan Africa
_____ million poeple reside in sub-sahran Africa, whithin 48 states and 1 teritory
>730 million poeple reside in sub-sahran Africa, whithin __ states and 1 teritory
>730 million poeple reside in sub-sahran Africa, whithin 48 states and __ teritory
What is the term used to describe the amount of money each individual makes, in monetary terms / or / the yearly income generated in a country?
per capita income
What bank keeps track of the per capita income of various nations?
The World Bank
"political independence w/o economic independence is but an illusion"
Kwane Nkrumah
HOw many millions of people live in Zimbabwe?
In what year did Zimbabwe gain independence?
Which organization promised political independence to the African majority of Zimbabwe?
Lanchester House
When Zimbabwe was granted independence what percentage of the population owned what percentage of the the land?
2; 70
In what country did their independance involve 2% of the population owning 70% of the land?
Who took stolen land-holding to Zimbabweans?
What two countries waged an econmoic against Zimbabwe using the IMF and the World Bank?
the U.S. and Britain
The U.S. and Great Britain waged an ecomomic war using the IMF and te World Bank against what African country>
Which African country is the largest exporter of oil to the U.S,?
Nigeria, Libyam ALgeria, Egypt, Angola, Gabon, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire Cameroon, Tunishia, Equitorial Guineaproduce what percentage of African oil?
In ten years what percetage of U.S. oil will be coming from Nigeria?
What are these shell chevron texaco petrolo Brasioleiro esso and british pertroleumdoing in Nigeria?
drilling oil
What area is the heart of Nigeria's oil production?
Niger Delta
What part of Nigeria is known as the zone of violence?
Niger Delta
What is the name of the Ogoni activist, writer, and television producer?
Ken Sarro - Wiwa
In what year dd Saro-Wiwa found the movement for the survival of the ogoni people (MOSOP)
What has brought about the creation of the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND)
the scrmble for oil
S. Africa is the largest producer of what?
In 1998 Africa Acvcounted for what percentage of the world's production of aluminum, cement, coal, copper, graphite, iron ore, lead steel and zinc
In 1998Africa accounted for what percentage of the world's production of bauxite, cobalt, gold, managanese, petroleum, phosphate and, uranium
In 1998 Africa accounted for what percentage of the world's production of chronium and diamonds?
Batswana, the congom and S. Africa are the three main producers og what in Africa?
Ghana, Guinea, Mali, S. Africa, and Zimbabwe are the four main producers of what in Africa?
In what year was the first europea diamond mining company was set up in the banks of the vaal river?
in the 1870s the first european dimond mining compnay was set up on he anks of what river?
Who consolidated the mining companies?
Cecil Rhodes
In what year did Cecil Rhodes consolidate the mining compnaies?
De Beers controlled production and deistributions throughtout what 4 continenets>
africa, europe, and and Americas
In what year was the annual profit of 12 companies over 2 billion dollars?
in 1888 what ____ companies had an annual profit of ___ billion?
What is the DeBeers slogan?
"A diamond is forever"
What compnay involved 2 Afrikaner farmers?
What are the Afrikaner formly? Which is what European country in orgin?
Boers; Dutch
What languages is derived for ZUid-Holland?
In what year did Cecil John Rodes go to Frica?
What college did Cecil John RHodes leave most of his wealth too?
"These vast worlds that remaina out of reach. If i could, i would annex other plantes"
Cecil John Rhodes
The oldest international fellowship, brought outstanding scholars to oxford
rhodes scholars
Why was diamond money used to buy?
What are the National Union for the Total Independance of Angola and the Revoltuionary United Front in set up for and fundded by?
in 1994 African nations supplied what percetange of green beans to non-EU countries?
In what year did Africa supply 94% of green beans to non-EU countries?
WHich country is the largest supplier of green beans with 29%
Kenya, Egypt, Morrocco, Senegal, Burinkia, and Ethiopia all export what nontraditional freah vegetable?
green beans
the exports of fresh vegetables from sub-saharanafrica to advanced capatilist nations climbed by what percent from 1989-1997
Cameroon, Cote d' Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria are the main producers of what crop?
How many African countries are apart of the Eastern Africa Fine Coffee Association (EAFCA)
What country is one of the worlds oldest coffee producers; yet only accounts for what percent of the worlds coffee market?
Kenya; 2%
How many maufaturers control the coffee trade?
How much money are the growers getting for a pound of coffee after deducting the costs?
How much is the coffee actually worth per pound in the long run?
COlonialism, uneven distribution of wealth and neoliberiliasm have impacted what aspect if sub-sahara the most?
the economy
A storyteller who recounts cultural stories through epic songs
Griot muscian
In what part of Africa is the Griot Muscian most common?
w. AFrica (senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bassiu, Mali)
France Portugal and Spain defined their dependant territories as integral parts of what?
the metropolitan country
European countries did not want their metropllitan countries to gain independance because of what reason?
the countries depended to heavily on the europena couterparts
"Does Africa Exist"; wrote a book in 1960
Melville Hersokovits
a philosohpy and political movement seeking to unify africans and africa in the diaspora
What are the four min stages of the Pan-African movement?
national independance; national consolidation; transatlantic unity + comunity; ecomonmic and soical reconstruction
What are thers four steps the main states to? national independance, national consolodition, trasatlantic unity and community, and ecomonomic and social reconstruction
pan-african movement
in what year was the first pan-african confrence held in london?
What two people were most reponsible for the 1900 pan african confrence held in london?
William Edward Burghardt DU BOIS and Marcus GARVEY
"African can not and will nver be an extension of Europe"
What country in Africa rejected Britain?
The Organization of African Unity (OAU) is formed on May 25, 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by 31 African political leaders. What is this organization known as now?
The African Union
These were the purposes of what organization?
the liberation of white ruled Africa
promote pan-africanism
control their own destiny
resist neocolonialism
pursue ideals of equality justice and freedom
control the human and natural resources
The african Union
"COnditions for peace and security must be maintained"
Kente, Du Bois, Mandela, Julius Adhjerique, AMika, Margeret all promoted what African organization?
The African Union
These are facts about what Afrian organization?
recognition of the power of globiliaztion
end of the cold war
neoliberal ecomnomic ideology
demand respect for human rights
transparency by civil society organuzations
growing population of luiberal democratic principles
African Union
African institued its own monitoring group of 12,000 too kepp what country from disintergrating in 1990?
What is the name of the U.S pemrnant military bas ein sub-sahran Africa?
U.S. Africa Command
The U.S. Africa Command is also know by what two acronyms?
How many military bases does the U.S. have worldwide?
The Horn of Africa, Somalia, Ethipopia, Erithea, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Egypt, Madagascar, The Seychelles, and the Indian Ocean area off the cooast of the Atlantic oceans are home to what?
What year was U.S. Africa Command set up?
October 2007
"will enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of africa"
geroge bush
Africans are skeptical about what?
African institued its own monitoring group of 12,000 too kepp what country from disintergrating in 1990?
Rumfield, Bush, Ward, Rice are key players in the support of what?
What is the name of the U.S pemrnant military bas ein sub-sahran Africa?
U.S. Africa Command
How many countires are in W. Africa?
The U.S. Africa Command is also know by what two acronyms?
How many military bases does the U.S. have worldwide?
The Horn of Africa, Somalia, Ethipopia, Erithea, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Egypt, Madagascar, The Seychelles, and the Indian Ocean area off the cooast of the Atlantic oceans are home to what?
What year was U.S. Africa Command set up?
October 2007
"will enhance our efforts to bring peace and security to the people of africa"
geroge bush
Africans are skeptical about what?
Rumfield, Bush, Ward, Rice are key players in the support of what?
How many countires are in W. Africa?
Which part of Sub-Sahran Africa is most hevily populated?
W. Africa
300 million inhabitants
W.African population
What percentage of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is W. AFrica?
How much of the world population is in W. Africa?
The population of West Africa is roughly equal to what percent of the EU and nearly equivalent to what country?
60; U.S
what is the most populous country in W. AFrica?
116.9 million
# of inhabitants in Nigeria
Most Africans in Diaspora can trace their orgins to what part of Africa?
West Africa
What existed in Africa prior to Europeans slave trade and colonialism
forced slvery
industrial slavery
What did the DeWolf brothers run
an ilegal slave trade
What are two chracteristics of languages in W. Africa
-atleast 3 per country
-a least 1 european language
The UNiversity of Timbucktu was founded by the Tuareg. Imashagen in what century?
25,000 out of 100,000 are enrolled at the university of timbucktu in what century>
PLaces of worship for muslims
Students at what university seek knowledge and soul purification through the science of Islam?
University of Timbucktu
What is the largest group in Sub-Saharan Africa
What people inhabit the westedn part of nigeria, eastern Benin and a bit of Togo.
What People are known for their art production and scupltures found in almost all collections of african art
Where are the Yoruba most commonly found outside of Africa?
What dance commemorates family ancestors in the form of masked dancers who become possedesed by the spirits of the dead to commune with their descendants
What part of Africa are these personalities from?
helen Folasade Adu
Fela Anikulapo Kut
Ama Ata Aidoo
Chinu Achebe
West Africa
what is woven materail of rich blue gold and red which is worn by royalty on ceremonial occasions and later b the masses
what articles development has a long history in ghana and it patterns and styles have important cultural associations
What article is developed from an older form of cloth which employs a bandweaving technique
an official policy of segrgationthat shaped social relations in south africa for over 50 years
"I didnt think i d come out alive, in fact, i was seeing death. but i was prepared to die as long as i died for the truth, and i knoew that people would know that that was the case.
COnnie MAlfuso
In what century did the Dutch East Indian COmpany establish a station t table bay for ships surrounding the Cape of Godd Hope for the tade of spices
What did the Dutch want to trade in the 17th century?
In what century did sutch farmers begin to spread throughout S. Africa from the orange river to the great fish river?
In what year did the Brithish and Zul engage in a war?
In What year was the First Freedom War
In what years was the second freedom war
In what year did the British-Boer, Nata, the Cape Colony, the Transvaal, and the Orange Free State come together to form the union of S. AFrica
The zulu, bantu, Xhosa, Ndebele,and the Swazi are the inhibitants of what region of Africa?
south africa
In 1943 which newspaper was the first to coin the term apartheid?
Die Burger
D.F. Malaan, the leader of the opposition, was the 1st to employ apartheid in the s. African parliament in what year?
what gives the various races the oppurtunity toi uplift themselves on the basis of what is their own?
What Brotherhood wnated to use the idea of Apartheid widely in 1930?
Afrikaneer Brotherhood Society/ AFrkaneer Broederband
In s. Africa, What followed calvinism and hilter principles?
in what year did the new national party of S. Africa (NNP) introduce apartheid as the new political and social order
Whos platform was based on (svart gevaar) black danger and the nigger in his place (die kaffer op sy plek)?
In what year did the Terrorism Act carry the death penalty?
Apartheid caricautured the African NAtional Congress as the ________ of Africa
in what yuear did the whites overwhemingly end apratheid?
In what year did the NNP join forces with the African National Congress (ANC)
In what year did the racial classification known as the Popular Registration Act begin enaction?
For what act did all citizens need to furnish information about themselves and their families and give it to the Director iof Census with a photograph?
The Popular Registration Act
Blacks, Indians, ones with thick hair texture, light skin, vlue eyes could all be classified as?
natives; colored folk could also be classified as natives
Who was born in Umtata in Transkei on July 18th, 1918?
Nelson Mandela
In what year on July 18th was nelson mandela born?
In what year was the African National Congress Youth League developed?
What party was the African National Congress Youth League developed into?
African National Congress
What act of education did nelson mandela challened in 1953
the bantu education act
In what year did nelson mandela challange the bantu education act?
In what year did Nelson Mandelas treason trial collapse?
In what year was nelson mandela sentenced to life in prison in the robbins island prison?
On what day was nelson mandela released from prison?
Feb, 11th, 1990
In what year did nelson mandela receive the nobel peace prize which he shared with Fredrik Wellum de Klerk?
Who held numerous ministrel jobs and was a segrgationist? he also ahraed the nobel peace prize withnelson mandela in 1993.
De klerk
In what year was wellum de Klerk elected president of south africa?
There was an upsirisin in SOWETO (SW Township) in what year?
Apartheid in Africa was not a concern, the liberation movements were not a concern, and they did not want to interfere with their investments in africa. What two places felt this way about africa?
The U.S. and Africa
In what year did Vice President Walter Mondale-Balthzar Johannes Vorster proclaim that Africa's apartheid attitude was a big problem
"we'' speak harsh words if we mst but otherwise it is business as usual"
Ronald Reagen
The following people: Miriam Makeba, Ellen Kuzwayo, Enuga, Sreenivaulu Reddy, Steven Bantu Biko, and Peter Gabrial all spoke out against what?
W.E.B Dubois, Paul Robeson, Angela Davis, Hersehelle Channelor, Willard Johnson and Ronald Walters wer emembers of the board of Transafrica and Transafrica forum in what year?
in what year did 30,000 people attend the Africa liberation marchi n washington D.C.
What ideas did the africa Liberation March in washington D.C. in 1972 reflect?
Pan-AFricanist sentiment
Everyday in south africa over ____ murders and violent attacks take place everyday
There are high levels of HIV and AIDS. Primarily among what group of people?
pregnant women
A black business class has been created in south africa and what two indutries are booming?
tourism and car manufacturing
Many blacks have been hired as what and appointed to boards of private and state owned firms?
civil servants
Who worte Palestine: peace not appointed
jimmy carter