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the date of Mexican independence
May 5
capital of Aztec Empire; pop. 60000-80000; looked like a European city
modern Mexico: religion
Roman Catholic
communities of subsistence farmers who get land from gov't
tropical storm
39 mph winds; starts off the coast of Africa
conquistador who led the attacks of Mexico with weapons, horses, tactics, and diseases
factories in N. Mexico that assemble products just for U.S.; part of NAFTA agreement-low wages, boring jobs, health/environmental concerns
the 4 tier social system(created by the Spanish)
A)born in Spain
B)born in Mexico to Eu. parents
D)Native Americans
largest cities
Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio de Jenerio
plaza of three cultures
indian-ruins of the Aztec temple; Spanish-cathedral; modern-sky scraper, highways, etc.
El Nino
waters in Pacific warm up one degree; weather patterns reverse
La Nina
water in the Pacific cools down one degree; ex: SE and NW North America
modern Mexico: language
74 mph; 5 categories
what problem exists in Latin america?
Rapid Population Growth (RPG)
the three island groups
Bahamas-in the Atlantic; Greater Antilles-4 biggest islands in the Caribbean; Lesser Antilles- smaller islands on the E. side of the Caribbean
modern Mexico: wealth
less than 5% of the pop. holds 95% of the $
The Amazon Basin
world's biggest rainforest
tropical grasslands-wet/dry season; Llanos-Colombia and Venezuela; Pampas-Argentina and Uruguay
3 Native American cultures that inhabited Mexico
Aztecs-central plateau of Mexico; Mayans-Yukuton, Guatemala; Incas-Andes Mts.
ethnic groups(5)
Native Americans; European; Mestizos-half In. half Eu.; African; Mulattos-1/2 Af. 1/2 Eu. or In.