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Which city is not a state capital, Salt Lake City, Little Rock, Detroit?
Detroit (Lasing is the capital of Michigan)
Rivers are usually what color on a map?
Which three oceans touch the United States??
Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic (Alaska)
Would you find an airport symbol on a globe? Why or why not?
No, a gloe shows only large areas.
Which state is surrounded by a large ocean?
Hawaii by the Pacific (NOTE: Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii.)
which of these places can you swim in: ocean, hill river, map lake?
ocean, river, lake
What kinds of things would you put on a map to show a friend how to get to your house?
Streets, stop lights, signs, stores, and other neighorhood buildings
Is your school closer to the north or south pole?
Washington D.C. is ____________ of the United States.
Is the state of Florida an island? How do you know?
No, it does not have water all around it.
Which state has more land, Maine or Alaska?
Alaska, the largest of all fifity states.
What do we call the place at the very top of a globe? Is it on land?
North Pole, no
A _________ is a large body of flowing water.
What ocean is between Africa and Australia?
I am made of fresh water, I have many fish and plants. I can be deep but you can swim around my shores, I am not a river what am I?
A new student from Mexico comes to your school. Is Mexico in the United States?
Dallas is in the state of __________.
Texas, NOTE: Austin is the capital.
Is it hot or cold at the south pole, how can you tell?
Cold, Antarctica is ccvered with ice all year round.
Not including the state where you live, how many states are in the United States?
France is located on what continent?
Draw a map symbol for a park, a lirary, and a school.
Symbols should show you understand
Name two states that touch or border Canada?
Seven states including Alaska that border Canada.