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What symbol is next to your state's capital city on a map?
Dot with a circle around it or a star (except for the residents of Washington, D.C.)
Washington, D.C. is the capital of our country. Is Washington, D.C., a state or a city?
A map that shows buildings, houses, and roads would be a: state map, neighborhood map, or world map
neighborhood map
Name a country besides the United States that is located in North America.
Choices: Mexico, Canada, countries in Central America
What states border your state?
South Carolina, Florida, Alabama
Is there more land or water shown on a globe(or world map)?
A river is a large body of flowing water. In what part of the United States is the Mississippi River located?
near the middle
Find at least one state that does not touch or border any other state?
Choices: Alaska, Hawaii
Think about railroad tracks look like. Draw the map symbol that might be used to show a railroad track.
Two horizontal lines with several parallel lines through them.
What country are you in if you are in the city of New York?
United States
What is something that a globe can show; people, air, or water?
Our flag has fifty stars on it. These stars are symbols that stand for
Name two states that are on the opposite sides of the United States.
Answers might include: New York and California, Oregon and North Carolina, etc.
Who would probably use a map more on the job, an airplane pilot or a grocery store manager? Why?
A pilot; he/she has to use maps regularly to fly to different locations
A direction is the way you point or move. What direction is the Atlantic Ocean from the United States?
to the right or east
Which state has more land, Texas or Vermont?
Is Canada or Mexico closer to where you live?
What is your address? Whis is it important to know your address?
It helps people find your home
Most cities on a map have a black dot next to them. What do we call this black dot: a key, a symbol, or a direction?
Borers are things that show where one place starts and another ends. How are borders between states usually shown on a map?
which is Canada: a country, a city, or a state?
What kinds of things would you expect to find on a map of your school?
principal's office, classrooms, cafeteria, restrooms, playground, drinking fountains
Which has land all around it, a lake or an ocean?
Asia is the largest body of land in the world. The seven largest bodies of land on Earath are called