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what does population policy mean?
a government strategy for reducing birth rates.
what was indias policy strategies to reduce population?
compulsory sterilisation and was massively unpopular.
what did Thailand do to increase contraceptive use?
birth control festivals, higher prices for crops for farmers, cheaper transport to market for farmers.
what % of niger's population is under the age of 15?
what % of marriages involve females under the age of 15 in niger?
how many children do some people in niger want?
9 - 12
what % of women in niger use contraception?
what is the dependencey like in a country that have youthful populations?
what is an advantage of having a youthful population?
there are lots of potential workers for the future.
what year was china's 1 child policy introduced?


how many people died in china before the policy was introduced?
30 million due to starvation
how old must you be before you can get married in china?
what must you do if you want a child?
ask your boss at work
what are the parents given and what is it for?
a card to register the child
what did some people do after their first child?
were sterilised.

what was offered to the family that stuck to the one child policy?
incentives were offered such as a 5 - 10% salary rise.
what would happen id the family had a second child?
the family must pay for everything, salaries could also be cut and the second child could have the risk of not being a Chinese citizen.
what is the name given to people who snoop around neighbourhoods checking the women of child bearing age?
granny police
what will have happened to china's population if the policy lasts for 100 years?
chinas population will have halved.
what ate the main problems with this policy? 1 child
pressure by the granny police, abortions as late as 7 months, illegal in uk, female infatuation, little emperors, no aunt, uncle, cousins, brothers or sisters.
what are the main benefits of this policy? 1 child
famine never happened, 400 million fewer people have been born, has allowed china to develop and reduce strain on public servies such as schools and hospitals, standards of living have improved.
what happened in 2008? 1 child.
china had 1 million more births than deaths every 5 weeks and 600 million people living on less than $2 a day.
what is an aging population?
increasing % of old people 65+
where are aging populations more common?
in MEDCs e.g. china uk japan
what do aging population have (birth and life expectancy)
low birth rate and a long life expectancy.
where on the demographic transition model are these countries?
stage 4-5 with possible natural decrease.
what are the advantages of an aging population?

1) people are living longer and fuller lives ,

2) older people could be given the choice to work longer.

3) younger retired people contribute lots to the economy.

4) many retired people do voluntary work in schools and for charities.

5) many grandparents are now fulfilling child care roles as cost of child care increases.

6) spending kids inheritance.

7) grey pound and grey vote.

what are the disadvantages of an aging population?

1) increasing numbers of very old people who need health care and that costs money.

2) the elderly visit their doctor more often and have more visits and also occupy hospital beds.

3) pension crisis not enough money.

4) in the uk the wages of current generation pay pensions for oaps.

4) it will become more and more expensive to pay for this.

5) the social care bills are increasing.

6) maintaining a dignifies quality of life over elderly is a big moral issue.

7)less people of working age means lower number of workers.

8) high demand of single story buildings.

what are the uk solutions of an aging population?

1) raised the pension age for women from 60 - 65. this will rise to 67.

2) boost fertility rate - child benefits improved maternity leave for men and women.

3) allow unlimited immigration from the eu. many of ot health care workers come from poorer countries so will work for less money.