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Where can you find the largest dessert on the Planet?
The Sahara
Sand storms and great drought keep this area ever changing
What is a folded Mountain range?
Mt Everest
Continues to grow and is the tallest Mountain in the world.
What causes Mountains to grow or fold?
The colission of Tectronic plates force the upward movement and formation of many ranges along the collision zone.
The Hymalayas are a great example
How many tectronic plates are there on earth?
11 major ones
The pacific rim or plate
What other activities can be a result of plate collision?
Earthquakes and tsunami's
This affects coastal regions following oceanic collision zones
Why does the earth's movement cause so much concern for human safety
Explain your Answer.
Collision zones can shake the area and destroy the land region around and to the degree the physical change happens, People are in jeopordy and life can be completely rearranged in a just a few minutes. This cuts off life support and provision to the people and loss of life can grow with out warning.
What are the 7 continents?
Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America