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What are the five different geographic themes?
Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, and Region
What theme is location concerned with?
"Where is it?"
What theme is connected with Place?
"What is it like there?"
What theme is connected to Human/Environment Interaction?
"What is the relationship between people and their environment?"
What them is connected with movement?
"How are people and places connected?"
What theme is connected with Region?
Geographers use regions to make the study of geography more managable. The "Bible-Belt" or "Bread-basket" are examples.
How do geographers use political science?
To see how people in different places are governed.
How do geographers use economics?
To help them understand how the location of resources affects the way people make, transport, and use goods. -also where services are provided.
What does the term fold mean?
A fold is a bend in layers of rock, sometimes caused by plate movement.
Why did people consider Europe and Asia one continent?
Because it is one huge landmass.
What are fossil fuels?
Fossil fuels are fuels including coal, oil, and gas that formed from the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.
What problems do developing countries have?
Most lack the money, resources, and skilled workers needed for economic growth.
List some problems with growing population.
As the number grows, so does the difficulty of producing enough food to feed them. It also increases the rate at which nonrenewable resources are being used up.
What are the causes of air polution?
The burning of fossil fuels.
What are some cultural barriers?
There are natural barriers, such as deserts, mountains, rain forests, and oceans and there are also barriers that people made. Such as the non-acceptence of others' beliefs and lifestyles.
What is the most common type of agricultural work?
Subsistence farming
What caused the Great Lakes to form?
Glaciers moving during the ice age.
Where is the hottest place in the U.S.?
Death Valley
What is the first Spanish settlement in the U.S.?
St. Augustine in Florida.
Where has the main rivers of Latin America?
South America
What time of year does Carnival occur?
Before Lent.
Who founded most of the colonies of Latin America?
The Spanish.
Which bodies of water are around the Balkan Peninsula?
The Mediterranean Sea and The Aegean Sea.(Balkan Peninsula is Greece)
Where is the Apenine Peninsula?
Why was the European Union formed?
To make a single market for their resources that would allow goods, services, workers, and money to move freely among countries.
A common climate feature of the far North is...
The Tundra
What did the former Soviet Union countries' economy eventually move to?
Free Enterprise Economy.
What is the Dead Sea like?
Salty...-nooo really
What is the longest river in the world?
The Nile
What does Mesopotamia literally mean?
Land between two rivers.
Where is the "land of the Aryans"?
Why is there famine in Sub-saharan Africa?
Civil War
What is the impact of a cyclone in Bangledesh?
They cause seawater to surge and submerge productive farmland and cause rivers to overflow. One killed at least 131,000 and costing $1.7 billion.
What are Gandhi's beliefs?
That Indians should rely on noviolent methods to persuade the British to leave India. He went on hunger strikes and encouraged the boycotting of British goods.
What is the major religion of Pakistan?
What did Buddha teach?
That people suffer because they are overly attached to material things and that to escape the chain of suffering they must think clearly, act wisely, and behave kindly.
Who did the impact of industrialization in India come from?
The British
Most agricultural country in East Asia is...
Why does Japan rely on trade?
They have few industrial resources.
Communists in North Korea rely on what type of economy?
Heavy industry
What is the belief in a leader who can communicate with spirits?
Calligraphy is...
The art of beautiful handwriting
Chinese potters make...
Who populated Taiwan the most?
The Chinese
True or False:

The Chinese consider Taiwan as a part of China.
What was the impact of WWII on Japan?
They became very poor and had to rebuild with the help of the U.S.
What is the traditional religion of Japan?
What religion is most prominant in Latin America?
Where is the largest Jewish population located?
What is the climate of South East Asia?
Tropical Climate
What impact did the industrial revolution have and why did some countries not adapt to it?
It lead to increase of machinery and countries couldn't industrialize becaue they didn't have enough money.
What do Anthropologists do?
They study culture.
What causes soil pollution?
Fertilization and pesticides
What is the reason for low standards of living in most countries?
What is the earliest economic activity?
Why are most villages located where they are?
This is where a trade route was established
What does the term zero population mean?
The death rate is equall to the birth rate
What is cultural diffusion?
the mixing of cultures
What is a culture hearth?
Where civilizations began. (ex. Mesapotamia)
What physical geography do the Great Plains have?
YOU'RE DONE...now do it again...and again...and again...and again...and again...and again...and again...and again...and again...and again........................