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Genetically Modified Organism

GMO controversial

GMO's are chemicals used in food, which alters our bodies in negatives ways. Example would be children are growing faster than expected because of harmonally imbalance.

Principles of sustainable agriculture

1) minimize soil agitation

2) Reduce Chemical Inputs and Runoff's

3) Work with natural processes

Principles of organic farming

1) no synthetic chemicals

2) no GMO's

3) Soil building techniques

4) Pest and disease control

5) Genetic diversity

Fair trade

Trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries

Main goals- To empower marginalized people and improve the quality of their lives

Focuses on: Commerce among individuals and business

Primarily benefits: Vulnerable farmers, artisans and workers in less industrialized countries

Free trade

international trade left to its natural course without tarriffs quotas or other restrictions

Main goal- To increase nations economic growth

Focuses on- Trade policies between countries

primarily benefits- Multination corporations, powerful business interests