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3 type of stress

Compression, Tension, Shear

What is compression?(Convergent)

Set of stress toward the center of the rock mass. Causes folding.

What is Tension extension? (Divergent)

When forces are parell but moving apart from each other. Makeing rocks thinner like gum.

What is Shear stress

When forces cause rocks to slide past each other causing offset features.

Two type of deformation

Brittle: Objects deforms a little then breaks.

Ductile: Size and shape change without fracturing( Slow Flow)

How are rocks deformed

Pressure, Temperature,Effect of rock type

Effects of rock type

Crystalline rocks: composed of crystals with strong internal bonds tend to undergo brittle deformation

Weakly cemented

3 type of crustal deformation




3 type of Folds

Anticline, Syncline, Overturned

What is a Overturned fold

When the fold is turned sideways

What are joints in deformation structures in rocks

Fractures in rock with no offsets

What are faults in deformation structures in rocks

A fracture (or crack) in Earths crust where one side has been displaced relative to the other.

Six types of faulta




Right-Lateral strike slip

Left-Lateral strike slip


Whats a normal fault?

When the hanging wall moves downward

Whats a thrust wall?

When the hanging wall goes over the footwall

What are the left, right lateral strike slip??

When the features move horizontal

Whats a oblique fault

When they move all over

Whats strike and dip

Strile is compass direction

Dip is where the bed sits

Whats a earthquake??

Whats the elastic-rebound theory

Is the explanation for how energy is released during an earthquake. The rock snap back almost to their original shape

Earthquake terminology

What are Seismic Waves

A elastic wave in the earth produced by an earthquake or other means

What are wavelength

Distance between successive crest or troughs

What is amplitude

Height of a peak (or trough)

What is frequency

Number of whole waves(crest to crest) that pass by a fixed point in a period of time

What is velocity

How fast a seismic wave travels