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What is culture
Specialized sum total of human learned behavior
How is culture transmitted
Imitation, instruction, and example
What is a culture hearth
Nuclear are within which an advanced and distinctive set of cultural traits ideas and technology develops and which there is diffusion of those characteristic sand the cultural landscapes features they apply
What are the four components of culture
Traits, complex, region, realm
What is environment determinism and is it believed to be true today
Physical environment alone exclusively shapes human actions and thought and no
Who is one of the authors of the environmental determinism concept
Ellen Churchill semple
What are thought to be responsible for cultural development as stated by viewpoint of possibilism
The earth’s surface modified by human actions is an example or definition of
cultural landscape
What was the first major tool of mankind
What was the Pleistocene overkill
The wholesale slaughter of 40% of the large animals that roamed the earth
What makes this important and
The first of many mad made mass extinctions
What are examples of modern overkill
Mon and maori, dodo, passenger pigeon, and heath hens
Who are the maori people and what species are they credited with extinction
People I new Zealand 700 years ago killed moa
What is the Gaia hypothesis and its author
Biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere are in some kind of balance by James lovelock
When did settlement f the north American continent begin
35,000 years ago
What is sequent occupancy
Notion that successful societies leave their cultural imprints on a place each contributing to the cumulative cultural landscape
List the stages of prehistoric man
Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic
What is multilinear evolution
Widely separated cultures develop common characteristics
what is ideological subsystem
Ideas beliefs and knowledge of a culture and the ways these things are expressed in speech or written word
what is technology subsystem
Material objects and how they are used
what is sociological subsystem
sum of the expected and accepted patterns of interpersonal relations that find their outlet in economic political military and religious
what is cultural divergence
Cultures that co exist with different cultures
what is cultural convergence
Cultures begin to share technology, organizational structures cultural traits
what is cultural lag happens when a social group does what
Resists change
what is spatial diffusion
Process by which an idea or innovation is transmitted from one individual or group to another across space
what is relocation diffusion
spread of something by migrating individual or populations
how must it be transported
physically carried by migrant
what is an example of relocation diffusion
what is an example of expansion diffusion
Spread of item or idea from one place to another must remain in origin area
what is contagious diffusions
Uniform spread of something ripple through a pond
what does contagious diffusion depend on
Expansion diffusion
what is innovation
Change to a culture due to an invention or new idea
what is acculturation
more dominant group
what I are syncretism
Major feature of culture change process where old and new cultures are fused together
Culture is
Learned my imitation, instruction, and example
The carrying capacity of a defined region would be the lowest for
Hunter gathers
Cultural convergence is the
Sharing of technologies, organized stuctures, and culture traits among separated societies
Culture traits are
A wide range from language to games played
Animal domestication occurred most likely during which period
Syncretism is the process of
Fusing the old and new elements of culture
The limitations that the environment place on human use of territory are
Relative to level of technology, cost considerations and economic linkages throughout the world
The desolation of Chanco Canyon resulted from
The destruction of the life supporting enviroment
The belief that people, not environments, are the dynamic forces of cultural development is termed
The first great tool humans utilized to change the landscape was
Changes in culture, both major and minor, are induced by
Innovation and diffusion
Which of the following is not a process of cultural change
By the end of the Paleolithic period, habitation occurred
All continents
The movement of black americans from the rural south to the cities of the northern US is an example of which kind of diffusion
From highest to lowest, the most accurate representation if cultural units is
Realm, region, complex, trait