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Malnutrition: is a condition that results from eating adiet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much such that thediet causes health problems.

Food Availability

Food availability: the state of people having enough food ofappropriate quality consistently available.


Famine: widespread shortage of food.


Undernourished: the state of not having enough food todevelop or function adequately

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity: a state where not everyone has consistentaccess to enough safe nutritious food to sustain a healthy life; the oppositeof the state of food security.


Hunger: is a condition in which a person, for asustained period, is unable to eat sufficient food to meet basic nutritionalneed.


Poverty: the state of one who lacks acertain amount of material possessions or money which denotes the serious lackof the means for proper existence.

Country with Lowest Food Value

Chad - US$1.23

Country with Highest Food Value

Germany - US$500

Australia's Food Value

Australia - US$376

Food that Travels the Furthest to Australia

Cornflakes - Wales

Food that Travels the Least to Australia

Pineapple slices - Indonesia

Region with the Most Undernourishment

Southern Asia

Needed adult kilo-joule intake.