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Beale Street

"Home of the Blues"

Street in Memphis

Holds music festival every year

Headquarters of Coca-Cola

Atlanta, GA

Charlotte, NC


Major banking and insurance center

The Metroplex

Dallas-Fort Worth

Petroleum, telecom, computer tech

Research Triangle Park

Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

Duke, NC State, UNC

Memphis International Airport

Busiest in air cargo in NA, second in world to Hong Kong

FedEx World Hub accounts for most of airport's revenue

Mississippi Delta


Rising water levels

sand trapped upstream by dams

Wetlands being drained/fillrd near delta (normally absorb floodwaters)

Hurricane directions

Hurricane season

Need warm waters

August - October

Extratropical stage of hurricanes

Reaches mid-high latitudes and starts to die (NE US into Canada)

Storm surge

Pressure and winds push water into large mound just behind eye

Black Seminoles

Gullah (escaped slaves) ran away and intermingled with Seminoles

Florida Seminoles

First to have casinos on their reservations

Own Hard Rock Cafe

Castillo de San Marcos

Oldest intact masonry fort in NA

Coquina - shells cemented together


Center of Cajun culture in Louisiana

"Holy Trinity"

In gumbo, onions, peppers, and celery

Balfa Brothers

First to expose America to Cajun music


Colonial French, descendants of the original French colonists of the Louisiana territory

Often mixed with African Americans


Louisiana black Creole music

SE Coast and citrus

Most grapefruits from Texas coast

74% of oranges in US from Florida (most go to juice)

Houston and oil

Lots of refineries, factories for oil field equipment

Energy Corridor District

Houston, TX

Corporate or regional HQ for BP (US), ConocoPhilips, ExxonMobil, Shell, etc.

Houston Ship Channel

Links Port of Houston to Gulf of Mexico

Important shipping lane to oil industry

Cancer Alley

Lane of high cancer risks in Louisiana among Mississippi River

Over 150 petrochemical plants, produce more than 1/4 of US petrochemicals

Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Margie Richard

Grassroots movement against petrochemical companies to expose pollution

2004 Goldman Prize

Involved environmental scientist Wilma Subra

Formation of Yellowstone and the Rockies

Subduction of a plate underneath the North American plate



First national park in world

Grand Prismatic Spring

Largest hot spring in US

Located in Yellowstone


Crust is fractured, crust on either side shifts up or down

Front Range/Foothills

Eastern boundary of Rockies in Colorado

Most of CO population lives here

Great Continental Divide

Fault line that created Rockies extends all along NA and into SA

Divided watersheds that drain to Pacific from those that drain to Atlantic

Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel

Tunnel through the Rockies

Mount Elbert

Highest peak in American Rockies

Montana nickname

"Treasure State"

Gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper

Butte-Anaconda District, MT

Past strip mining

"Richest hill on earth"

Gold, copper

Shut down in 1983

Butte now biggest hazardous waste site in US

Winter X Games

Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen, CO

Tour de Fat

Started by New Belgium beer company

Beer, bikes