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name 2 functional rnas
tRNA and rRna
True or false
Functional rna makes up the majority of the cells rna
Why is functional rna the majority of the cells rna
1. more stable
2. large amount of transcription is to make func rna
Translation of rna begins at its?
5' end
True or false
In prokaryotes, transcription and translation occur in the same place.
A protein is a ____________ made up of monomers
a polypeptide is formed by
removal of water between aa to form peptide bonds
an amino end of an aa links with a __________________ of another aa to form a peptide bond
carboxyl end
Primary structure of proteins is
linear seq of aa
secondary struct of proteins is?
spec shape taken by protein by folding.
secondary structure of proteins is due to
hydrogen bonding, electrostatic forces, van de waals forces.
name 2 common types of secondary structures
alpha helix and beta sheets
the folding of alpha helices and beta sheets makes up the?
tertiary structure of the protein
2 proteins folded together make up the?
quaternary structure.
differ types of polypeptides
4 struct betw ident units of proteins
name diff types of prot struct
globular proteins
fibrous proteins
name an example of a globular protein
name example of a fibrous protein
hair, muscle
how is the shape of a protein determined?
1. its primary aa seq
2. condit in the cell
Enzymes have _________________ where the reactions take place
active sites
domains of a protein?
functional regions of proteins.
example of a domain?
domain of a protein that acts to bind the protein to dna
Beadle and Tatum came up with which theory?
one gene to one enzyme hypothesis
Yanofsky demonstrated ___________________, the correspondence bewt the linear seq of the gene and of the polypeptide
True or false
The linear seq of nucleotides in a gene determ the linear seq of aa in a protein.
a triplet will encode how many possible different proteins
4X4X4= 64 proteins
the mutugen proflavin acts by?
adding or deleting just one nucleotide pair.
If you have an insertion and then a deletion in a gene what can happen?
you can still have a mostly functional gene because you have preserved most of the reading frame.
The fact that 3 insertions or three deletions can preserve wild type shows what?
that the reading frame consists of a codon of 3 letters.
what does it mean that the genetic code is degenerate?
that each triplet encode an aa and aa's are encode for by more than one triplet