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law which describes the change in pressure as fluid encounters an obstruction in a vessel.
Poiseuille's law
change P = 8QLn/pi*r4

where Q = vol blood
L = length
n = viscosity
classic location of venous stasis ulcers
medial malleolus (because of penetrating veins connecting the deep and superficial systems)
Major difference between Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma

and prognosis of each
potential of SCC to metastasize
BCC has 95% cure rate
SCC with LND has close to 95% cure
SCC without LND has roughly 0% cure
Melanocytes are derived from what type of embryonic cell-type?
Neural crest tissue
how does the Gall bladder concentrate bile?
what is the normal Gall bladder ejection fraction?
GB concentrates bile through active absorption of Na/Cl and water follows.

Normal GB ejection fraction is 35% if lower biliary diskinesia and indication for lap chole.
Hepatobilia triad
work up with...
RUQ pain

w/u with arteriogram