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which of these reduces friction?

(a)car brakes

(b)tire tread

(c)ball bearing

(d)sand paper

ball bearing

when a lobster grows a claw to replace one that was lost,the process is called?






Any astronomical body that revolves around a larger body is called?

(a)a nova

(b)a comet

(c)a satellite

(d)a meteoroid

a satellite

in chemistry,to be classified as an organic substance,a substance must contain?

(a)sugar molecules

(b)sodium Atoms

(c)carbon atoms

(d)water molecules

carbon atoms

which elements does not contain neutrons?






the chemical formula of a compound describes the elements,the compound and the?

(a)ph of the compound

(b)conduction of the compound

(c)ratio of the element in the compound

(d)ratio of neutrons to protons in each element

ratio of element in the compound

what is the symbol of hydroxyl ion?






the tympanic membranes are also known as the?

(a)eye lids



(d)vocal cords


which of the following action producea chemical?

(a)boiling water

(b)burning the rice

(c)adding salt to the hot water

(d)melting butter on cooked rice

adding salt to the hot water

choking is prevented by the?

(a)diaphram remaining down

(b)vibration of the vocal cords

(c)esophagus moving the food

(d)epiglottis covering the voice box

epiglottis covering the voice box

what do hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules have in common?

(a)atomic structure

(b)the charge in each electron

(c)the number of protons

(d)the size

the size

which of the folloeing is a non renewable resource?






A perprtual motion machine can never be built because it is not possible to eliminate?






which of the following is arenewable resource?

(a) copper


(c)peanut oil

(d)natural gas

peanut oil

when scientists measure a liquids resistance to flow,they are measuring the liquids?