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What tool is used to finish mortar joints

Sled Runner joint

What blades are used to cut masonry

Diamond or Carbide

What is the unit for modular bricks


Non modular brick sizes

vary from region to region

All masonry units that are ____ % are considered solid


Brick durability is affected by (4) things

- Heat

- Wetting

- Drying

- Soluble Salts

Efflorescence is caused by

Soluble salts being carried to the surface by evaporation

What brick bond is the weakest


What type of mortar joints are effective in resisting rain penetration

Concave or Tooled

What is the most popular mortar joint


What tile has a high degree of mechanical perfection

(FTX) Unglazed Facing

How much does a CMU weigh

40 lbs

Actual Size of a CMU

7 5/8" x 7 5/8" x 15 5/8"

Which block is stronger a 2 core block or 3 core block

2 core

What block is used when reinforcing bars must align in the core holes

2 core

Masonry glass block joints are typically ___" on all sides


What type of stone works best in sills


Basic ingredients of Mortar

- Portland Cement

- Hydrated Lime

- Sand

Hydrated Lime is ______ that has been slaked before packaging


_______ means that quicklime has been formed into a putty by combining it with water


How can you retemper mortar

adding water

Mortar should be discarded ______ after mixing

2.5 hours

The comprehensive strength of mortar increases as _______

cement content increases

What is the most significant property of hardened mortar

Bond Strength (also most difficult to predict)

What type of mortar is used for unreinforced masonry below grade

Type M

What type of mortar is recommended for unreinforced masonry where max Flexural strength is required

Sype S

When wind speeds exceed 80 mph, Type ____ Mortar should be used


Three types of Ties

- Corrugated

- Rectangular

- Z

All reinforcing rods or bars used in masonry walls must have ____ " of mortar coverage


A strap anchor is used to

connect a partition wall to a bearing wall

What tool can be used to cut brick when the cut edge will be hidden by mortar

Brick Hammer

A corner pole is also known as a

story pole

A corner pole is used to

insure the height of each course of block or brick

Wall ties in the mortar should be placed

5/8" from either edge of the masonry unit

To clean brick use a diluted solution of

Hydrochloric Acid

When sandblasting masonry the pressure should be

60-100 psf

The most common air space for a cavity wall is


What ties are typically used in residential veneer construction


Which direction should the wide flange face in a block wall

At the top

What tool is used to make sure that the mason's line does not sag


How far should a mason's line be held away from the block or brick


A full mortar bed is furrowed with a


A _____ is used to ensure a good bond between the footing and the bed course

A full mortar bed

What diameter bar is used for a 3/8" concave mortar joint


Control joints should be ____________ after the mortar has been raked out to a depth of ___"

sealed with a caulking compound, 3/4"

How far should you parge the wall from the footing above the finished grade


What are walls that are self-supported called

Curtain Walls

An expansion joint on the outside wythe must be spaced no further than

50' apart

Jack Arch is relatively weak and should be supported by steel if the opening is over

2' wide

Sheets of welded wire reinforcing are overlapped at least ______

One full stay plus 2"

Concrete wearing surfaces (Terrazzon) are generally how thick

2" thick

Tuckpointing definition

Filling in cut out or defective mortar joints in masonry with fresh mortar

Nominal dimension of a modular brick is equal to

the manufactured dimensions plus the thickness of the mortar joint

Main ingredient in mortar is

Portland cement

Standard nonmodular brick requires ___ cu. ft. of mortar per 100 sq. ft. of wall


CMU requires ____ cu. ft. of mortar per 100 sq. ft. of wall


Tuckpointing should be done with what type of mortar

Type N prehydrated

Minimum comprehensive strength of grout should be

2000 psi

3/8 Rebar is known as

#3, (4/8 known as #4)

Strap anchors dimensions are

1-4" x 1 1/4" x 30"

When the air gap (cavity) is less than 2", the wall is considered


One masonry unit of an arch is called a


Rise of a Segmented arch should be

1/12, 1/10, 1/8, 1/6 of the span

Minimum rise of ___" per ___ ' in an arch

1", 1'

Rebar should be lapped ____ bar diameters but not less than ____"

24, 12"