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What is the purpose of the cell wall for both prokaryotes and plant cells?
to protect the cell from the effects of a hypotonic environment
A series of hydrophobic side chains will congregate together as a protein folds in an aqueous solution and be stabilized by...
Van der Waals interaction
Phospholipids can form all of the following structures in water except which one?
Why did the five-kingdom system of classification fall out of favor?
it did not reflect the actual evolutionary relationships among organisms very well
Which of the following would not be a good reason for studying SSU RNA to understand the major branches in the evolutionary history of life?
it mutates very frequently
What will happen to a red blood cell which has an internal ion concentration of about .9 %, if it is placed into a beaker of pure water?
the cell would swell because the water in the beaker is hypotonic relative to the ctyoplasm of the red blood cell.
What is the site of synthesis of proteins for export?
ribosomes that attatch to the endoplasmic reticulum
A peptide bond is...
a covalent bond
Which of the following includes all of the pyrymidines found in RNA and or DNA?
Cytosine, Uracil, thymine
What type of interaction is directly responsible for the formation of secondary structure?
hydrogen bonds formed between sections of the polypeptide backbone
How does the structure of an amino acid enable it to play its most important role in cells?
the presence of carboxyl and amino groups gives it the ability to form peptide bonds, and its side chain gives it unique chemical properties
What do phospholipids and triglycerides have in common?
they both have a glycerol backbone
Which of the following is not an effect of mitosis-promoting factor (MPF) involved in moving a cell into M phase?
degradation of cyclin-dependent kinase
In human and many other eukaryotic species' cells, the nuclear membrane has to dissapear in order for what to take place?
attachment of mitotic spindle to kinetochores
Which of the following terms is best described by the following statement? "an allele of one gene can mask the effect of an allele at another gene"
If cancer cells detach from neighboring cells, what is a likely outcome of this event?
loss of desmosomes
In the process of chromosome separation, how do microtubules maintain contact with the kinetochores and shorten at the same time?
motor proteins move chromosomes down the microtubular structures of the mitotic spindle
Intercalated disks are cell-cell junctions found between cardiac muscle cells. A feature of intercalated disks is a large number of gap junctions. this means that...
water and small ions can readily pass from one cardiac muscle to the next
Integrins are integral membrane proteins. they are often attached to...
cytoskeletal proteins and molecules of the extracellular matrix
For the duration of meiosis 1, each chromosome is...
two sister chromatids joined by a centromere
At what stage of meiosis does DNA replication take place?
None. DNA replication occurs before meiosis 1 begins
What is the correct order of events in generating a recombinant plasmid?
restriction enzyme treatment, ligation, transformation
Why are plasmids useful for generating recombinant DNA?
they are small and eaasy to manipulate AND when the host cell undergoes mitosis, both cells can inherit the plasmid
Which of the following statements about eukaryotic genomes is False?
complex organisms such as humans have many more genes than simpler organisms such as mustard plants
Why are VNTR's useful markers for linking DNA evidence from crime scenes to potential suspects?
they are hypervariable AND the same set of primers can be used to reveal VNTR differences between multiple suspects
Which of the following does not occur in plants?
A mutant strain of sea urchin species that does not make bindin is found. What phenotype do you expect to observe?
its sperm cannot fertilize eggs
Which of the following does not arise from the mesoderm?
nervous system