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Women are most likely to experience violence in ________


_____ women die each day in the US from domestic abuse


honor killings and rapes occur in ______, killing over ______ women each year over the age of 3

Liberia, 5000

___ in ____ women have been sexually assaulted

___ in ____ LGB youth are victims of physical assault at school

1 in 5

_____% of college sexual assault is by someone the victim knows, and _____ % cases involve alcohol and drugs

75, 70-80

In ____ by age 30, ___% men left home, finished education, found partner and started work. today only ____ meet these milestones.

1960, 70%, 1/3

guy code

boys dont cry

better to be mad than be sad

dont get mad get even

take it like a man

he who dies with the most toys wins

just do it

size matters

dont ask for directions

nice guys finish last

its all good

___% more transgender murders than LGB murders, LGB __x more likely and trans ___% more likely to commit suicide.

50, 2, 41

___% of the population is intersexed, over ___ million transgender people worldwide

2, 7

___% of hate crimes driven by homophobia and ___ % of LGBT individuals are scared of being hate crime victims

16, 54