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Weight N = Mass kg x gravity N/kg

Work done

Work done J or Nm = force N x distance m

Force applied to a spring

Force applied to a spring N = spring constant N/m x extention m

Moment of a force

Moment of a force Nm = force N x distance m

Force normal to a surface

Force normal to a surface N = pressure Pa x area m2

Distance travelled

Distance travelled m = speed m/s x time s

Change in velocity

Change in velocity m/s = acceleration m/s2 x time taken s

Resultant force

Resultant force N = mass kg x acceleration m/s2


Momentum kg m/s = mass kg x velocity m/s

Kinetic energy

Kinetic energy J = 0.5 x mass kg x speed2 m/s

Gravitational potential energy

Gravitational potential energy J = mass kg x gravitational field strength N/kg x height m

Energy transferred

Energy transferred kWh = time h x power kW

Work done (in a circuit)

Work done J = time s x power kW

Wave speed

Wave speed m/s = frequency Hz x wavelength m

Charge flow

Charge flow C = current A x time s


Voltage V = current A x resistance O


Power kW = current2 A x resistance O

Energy transferred

Energy transferred kWh = power kW x time h

Energy transferred (in circuit)

Energy transferred J = charge flow C x voltage V


Mass kg = density kg/m3 x volume m3

Pressure in liquid

Pressure Pa = height m x density of liquid kg m3 x gravity N/kg


(V velocity m/s) 2 - (u velocity m/s) 2 = 2 x accel m/s2 x distance m

Change in momentum

Change in momentum kg m/s = time s x force N

Elastic potential energy

Elastic potential energy J = 0.5 x spring constant N/m x extension2 m


1 = Period ? x frequency Hz

Power (definantly in circuit)

Power kW = current A x voltage V