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What are the 4 types of competitions?





Describe a knock out event and give the advantages and disadvantages

One team plays another and only winner progresses to the next round

Can be organised quickly and easily

High numbers can participate

Competition over quickly for some teams

Qualifying or byes may be needed for correct numbers

Describe a ladder event and give the advantages and disadvantages

Teams in a ladder and challenge teams higher up ladder to games and take their place if they win

Good for racket sports

Easy to run and administer

Slow to progress

Only small numbers can partake

Describe a league event and give the advantages and disadvantages

Each team plays every other team

Can cater for large numbers and have several leagues

Everyone has an equal number of games

Fixtures booked in advance

Takes a long time

Any missed matches leads to fixture congestion

Describe a combination event and give the advantages and disadvantages

Combination of some or all types of event

Can play as many games as you like

More than one opportunity for each team to qualify

Large numbers can participate

Time consuming

May be "pointless" games if both teams have already qualified

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a international sporting event?

Profit made through sponsors media rights and merchandise sales

Facilities built or refurbished for the event can be used afterwards

Raises profile and reputation of country worldwide


Security risk of terrorist attack

Political protests or boycotts

Expensive to provide facilities, services and security

What three main things has science improved in sport?

Better equipment

Better materials

Better facilities

How has science led to better equipment in sport?

Improves performance and improves safety

Lighter fibreglass rackets with kevlar and titanium

Stronger fibreglass pole vault not made from bamboo

How has science led to better materials in sport?

Lycra swimsuits are more streamlined

Lighter footwear made from natural and synthetic materials

Artificial pitch surfaces

How has science led to better facilities in sport?

Purpose built facilities for gymnastics

Indoor tennis areas to play even when it's raining

Stadiums with retractable roofs and air conditioning

What has improved ICT in sport helped with?

Data storage

Performance recording and analysis

Performance aids

What benefits has ICT data storage had on sport?

Lots of data can be stored on a computer and transported on a memory stick or by email

Sports teams and school PE departments can use data storage

What benefits has ICT performance recording analysis had on sport?

Dartfish allows individuals to review their own performance through playback

Slow motion recording

Prozone used by professional football clubs to analyse distance players run and passes made

What benefits has ICT performance aids had on sport?

Fitness monitoring heart rate and blood pressure

Hawkeye or goal line technology helps with decision making in some sports by motion tracking

TMO in rugby allows decisions to be reviewed live