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U2 Crisis

U2 plane shot down, Gary Powers captured, Eisenhower lied, didn't apologise, Khrushchev ended peace talks.

Berlin Wall

West Berlin received Marshall aid, 2 million defectors, Khrushchev made a wall, only 5,000 defected, shot if crossing checkpoint, Propaganda victory, Kennedy's speech.

Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Bay of Pigs failed 1961, naval blockade, ignored second letter, Soviet shot another U2 plane, Turkey missiles still removed, led to detente.

Czechoslovakia 1968

Novotny replaced by Dubcek, 'human face', Prague spring reforms, said he wouldn't leave the Warsaw Pact, 100 killed, passive resistance, Husak replaced Dubcek, Brezhnev Doctrine, 500,000 Pact troops, no-one happy.

Reasons for Detente

Expensive MAD, Hotline, Test Ban Treaty, end Vietnam, oil.

Progress of Detente

SALT 1 1972, Helsinki agreement, meetings, symbolic photo ops, 1979 AFGHANISTAN.

Reasons for Afghanistan

Maintain communism, keep oil, stop spread of Islam.

Ronald Reagan

Renewal, 'Evil Empire', SDI, Neutron Bomb, Increased spending by $100bn.


Gdansk 1980, 21 demands, troops by the border, martial law, Walesa arrested, glasnost made them stronger, free elections 1989, 44 years after promise.


1985 Geneva, INF 87, 88 not 'evil', wanted reform, Glasnost Perestroika

Berlin Wall

Knocked down 1989, free elections 1990, Kohl leader.


'Velvet Revolution', Husak for Havel, 1990 elections.


Kadar died, Nagy reburial, border opened, 1990 elections.

Malta summit

No longer enemies.

The End

Yeltsin saves Gorbachev from the coup, Ukraine leaves, Gorbachev resigns 1991.

1990 Transatlantic Agreement

US friends with Europe forever.


Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, resolution 661 stopped trade, 678 was a warning, Desert Storm - air attack, coalition forces, Desert Saber - ground attack, UN troops took over, weapon inspectors, Saddam forced to leave BUT remained leader.


Albania vs Serbia, Yugoslav Milosevic supported Serbia, Ethnic cleansing of Kosovo-Albanians, KLA attacked Serbs, Milosevic crushed them, UN intervened, UN resolution 1199 ordered the stop of cleansing, ignored so airstrikes happened. NATO took over Kosovo 1999.