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Long shore drift

The transport of sediment along a stretch of coastline caused by waves approaching the beach at an angle

Managed retreat

Allowing controlled flooding of low-lying coastal areas or cliff collapse in areas where the value of the land is low

Mass movement

The movement of material down a slope due to gravity

Prevailing wind

The direction from which the wind usually blows

Rock armour

Piles of boulders dumped at the foot f a cliff to protect it by forcing waves to break and absorbing the energy


The collapse of a cliff face or the fall of individual rocks from a cliff

Salt marsh

Low-lying coastal wetland mostly extending between high and low tide


A process where sediment is transported by being bounced along


Concrete or rock barrier built at the door of cliffs or at the top of a beach

Shoreline management plan

An integrated coastal management plan for a stretch of coastline in England and Wales


A type of mass movement involving material moving downhill on a flat surface (a landslide)


A type of mass movement involving material moving downhill under its own weight