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What the components of a balanced diet?

Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Vitamins Minerals Fibre Water
Why does your body need carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates give the required energy

Why does your body need fats?
Fats is used to provide insulation and as an energy store
Why does your body need proteins?
Protein is used for growth and repair
Why does your body need vitamins and


To enable the body to work healthily and to prevent deficiency diseases
Name two side effects of over eating

Overweight/obesity/ increased BMI. Type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease. High cholesterol. Arthritis.

Describe how daily exercise helps a person to loose mass

Exercise increases metabolic rate Exercise uses more energy This energy comes from the food This results in less energy converted into fat.

What is metabolic rate?

Metabolic rate is the rate of chemical reactions in our cells

Why do men have a higher metabolic rate?
Men have a higher proportion of muscle to fat than women
Describe two factors that affect the

metabolic rate.

Amount of physical activity. The proportion of muscle to fat in our body. The higher the proportion higher the metabolic rate

Give two inherited factors that can affect your health.

Metabolic rate. Cholesterol level

When does a person become over weight?

When the energy content of the food is more than the energy used in daily life

Name 4 health problems linked to obesity

Arthritis. Type2 diabetes. High blood pressure. Heart disease.
State two ways a person can lose mass.

Reduce the amount of energy by reducing the intake of energy-rich foods. Increase the amount of exercise thereby using up more energy.

How does exercise makes a person healthier?
It increases the amount of energy used by the body. It increases the proportion of muscle to fat

Define malnourished

Lack of a balanced diet

Why do you need cholesterol in your body?

To form our cell membranes . To make important hormones.
What are the risks of eating a diet rich in fat

High cholesterol levels. Increased risk of heart disease.

What are pathogens?
Organisms that cause disease
Name two pathogens
Virus. Bacteria

How do viruses cause illness?

Viruses enter the body cells damage cells
How do bacteria cause illness?
Bacteria produce toxins and damage the cells
Give two reasons why pathogens make us feel ill.
Pathogens produce toxins. Pathogens damage cells
State three ways by which white blood cells protect us against pathogens

Produce antibodies. Produce antitoxins. Engulf pathogens.

What is antibody?

These are the substances made by white blood cells to kill the pathogens

What is a pandemic?

A disease affecting people in many countries

What is an antibiotic?

A medicine used to kill bacteria

Why will antibiotics not get rid of flu?

Antibiotics only kill bacteria and flu is a virus

Name a medicine that will relieve symptoms of flu
Give one reason why antibiotics should not be overused
Overuse of antibiotics might speed up the development of resistant strains of bacteria

Describe how antibiotic-resistant strains


There exists a variation in the bacteria population. Most bacteria are killed by the antibiotics. Some bacteria survive the antibiotics. These antibiotic-resistant strains breed and produce more antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Why are MRSA strains difficult to treat?
MRSA strains are resistant to antibiotics
What is a vaccine?
Vaccine contains the dead/inactive form of the pathogen
Explain how vaccination makes a person immune to a disease

The dead or inactive form of the pathogen is injected in the body. This stimulates the white blood cells to produce antibodies. The pathogen is killed by these antibodies. If the person is infected by this pathogen again in future the antibodies are produced quickly.

Name one advantage of vaccinating a larger proportion of the population against a


It reduces the spread of infection

Name the three diseases that the MMR

vaccine protects people against

Measles. Mumps. Rubella.

Describe the aseptic techniques used to grow microorganisms

Sterilise petri dish that is used to grow microorganisms.

The nutrient agar which will provide their food must be sterilised. This will kill of any unwanted microorganisms. Inoculate the sterile agar with the microorganisms that you want to grow. Seal the petri dish and incubate at 25 degrees C to allow the microorganisms to grow.