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Interindividual differences

differences between two or more persons in a particular area

Intraindividual differences

differences within the individual; unique patterns of strengths and weaknesses

Pre-referral intervention

instructional or behavioural strategies introduced by a general educator to assist students experiencing difficulty; designed to minimize inappropriate referrals for SPED


a formal request by a parent or teacher that a student be evaluated for SPED services


a function of each state, mandated by federal law, to locate and refer individuals who might require SPED


the process of gathering information and identifying a student's strengths and needs through a variety of instruments and products; data used in making placement decisions

Norm-referenced assessments

refers to standardized tests on which a pupil's performance is compared to their peers'

Criterion-referenced assessments

an assessment procedure in which a student's performance is compared to a particular level of mastery

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

a relative concept individually determined for each student; principle that each pupil should be educated, the the maximum extent appropriate, with classmates who are typical


an early term for the practice of integrating students with special needs into gen ed classrooms for all or part of the school day

Regular Education Initiative (REI)

an approach that advocates that gen ed teachers assume greater responsibility for the education of students with disabilities

Full Inclusion

an interpretation of the principle of LRE advocating that ALL pupils with disabilities be educated in the gen ed classroom