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The Beymer twins have crossed your path you loose a turn.
You've figured out a clue to the story, move ahead once space.
If you know what 4 X 6 is move ahead one space.
29, 42, 24
What is the name of our first president?

Lincoln, Washington, or Kennedy
You've lost your map, go back to the start.
Your dog has eaten some monster blood and keeps growing! You lose a turn because you have to take him to the vet.
Move ahead to the next bug.
A ghost has stolen your rope, go back one space.
You've slipped on slime go back two spaces.
You have picked up flashlight to help you go through caves. Go ahead one more space.
Answer the clue, what is
2 X 10? If correct move ahead one space.
22, 30, 20
You've found a magnifying glass to help you find the monster trail. Move ahead 3 spaces.
You forgot your water move back to the well an fill your canteen.
A goblin has helped you find a shortcut, go ahead two spaces!