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Gallstones – 90% cholesterol gallstones


Inflammation of Gallbladder( usually caused by obstruction d/t gallstones)

4 F's Risk Factors For Gallbladder disordes

fat, female, fertile, forty, (flatulence, family hx)


-indigestion, mild to severe pain RUQ, R shoulder, scapula, fever, jaundice, N,V

-Cholelithiasis severity depends on the stone

-dark amber urine foamy, clay coloured stool, pruritus, bleeding tendencies, steatorrhea (fat in feces),


-Cholangitis (inflammation of bile duct)

- rupture of bladder

-fistula (abnorm. passaway)

-bile peritonitis

-biliary cirrhosis

Diagnostic Studies

Ultrasonography/ ERCP (bile sample), Lab : visualize and detect stones

Collaborative Care

Conservative therapyCholecystitis - pain mgt, abx, maintenance of fld & electrolyte balance, NG, anticholinergic – decrease secretion and counteract smooth muscle spasms

Cholelithiasis – Biles acids – to dissolve stones, ERCP clears stones from 90%, extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Surgical therapy - laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Drug therapy – analgesics, anticholinergics (antispasmodics & relax smooth muscles), fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K), bile salts (facilitate digestion & vitamin absorption)

Nutritional therapy – smaller, more frequent meals, with some fat at each meal to promote gallbladder emptying, low in saturated fats (butter), high in fibre & Ca+

Patient Teaching

Cholecystectomy: remove bandage on puncture site after surgery, notify surgeon of redness or severe abdominal pain, resume normal activities gradually, return within 1 wk if no complications, normal/low-fiet diet

-fat soluble supplement, avoid heavy lifting