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Collection of nerve cell bodies within the CNS
Collections of nerve cell bodies inside PNS
Dorsal Root Ganglion
No Synapse
Autonomic Ganglion
Visceral motor
Have a synapse
Dorsal Primary Ramus
Goes to intrinsic muscles of back and skin of back.
Ventral Ramus
All areas of the body except intrinsic muscles and skin of back
Rami Communicantes
Communicating branches connecting sympathetic chain ganglia and spinal nerve.
Parts of a Typical Spinal Nerve
-Ventral Horn
-Dorsal Horn
-Gray Matter
-Ventral (anterior) root
-Dorsal root
-Vertebral body
-DRG (Sensory ganglion)
-Dorsal Primary Ramus
-Ventral Primary Ramus
-Sympathetic chain w/ connections via rami communicantes
-spinal nerves
-sensory nerve fibers
-somatic motor fibers
Somatic Motor Fibers
-Arise from anterior horn cells.
-Axons pass into spinal nerve via ventral root
-From spinal nerve, passes into dorsal and ventral rami
Pseudounipolar Process
Extended process from nerve cell body which divides into a central process extending to the CNS and a peripheral process extending to the periphery