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What is a respose?
what a living thing does as a result of a stimulus
What is adaptaiion?
a characterisitic that enables a LIVING thing to survive in its enviornment
What are positive and negative tropisims?
A positive tropism is a growth response toward a stimulus.
A negative tropism is a growth response away from a stimulus.
In what ways are plant behaviors like certain animal behaviors?
Plants and animals both respond to stimuli
In what ways are some animal behaviors different from plant behaviors?
Aninals can move from place to place, and can fight
What are some ways that animals adaot to their environment?
Unpleasant sprays
sharpness of claws
What are some ways plants are able to adapt to their enviornment?
climbing ability
ability to grow large, blocks out sunlight from competeing plants
various structures like thorns
What are hydrotropism, phototropism, and gravitropism?
Hydro - a water stimulus tropism

photo - a light stimulus tropism

gravitropism - a gravity stimulus tropism
What is a stimulus?
something in the enviornment (such as light or heat) that causes a living thing to react
What is a tropism?
a GROWTH response of a plant toward or away from a stimulus
Where does a cactus store water?
in its stem
How do auxins help plants grow toward the light?
Auxins move to the side of the plant opposite the light,which causes the plant to bend in the direction of the light.