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What is the purpose of the military justice system?
To regulate behavior & promote good order.
What source authorized a seperate military justice system?
The Constitution of the U.S.
Paragraph 31A, UCMJ, is a paraphrase of what amendment to the Constitution?
The 5th Amendment
What is Article 31A?
What is Article 31B?
The interrogation of an accused person without 1st informing him & advising him of his rights.
What is Article 31C?
Compelling a person to produce immaterial or degrading evidence.
What is Article 31D?
The use of coercion, unlawful influence, or unlawful inducement to obtain a statement.
What the 2 elements of Article 31?
Warning & waiver
An Article 31 warning must be given before what happens?
Interrogation or getting a statement from a suspect.
Who is required to receive a warning under Article 31B?
Accused military personnel & those suspected of an offense.
What is the desired method used to administer the Article 31 warning?
A verbatim reading of Article 31
What question concerning waiver of rights is followed after a suspect is advised of Article 31?
"Do you understand that, if you should decide to answer any questions, you may stop answering at any time?"
Under Article 31B, who must administer an Article 31 warning?
Any person subject to the UCMJ & acting in an official capacity.