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The skeleton is divided into two main parts, the axial and apendicular skeleton. list the bones that make up the axial skeleton

- Skull

- Ribs

- Vertebral Column

- Sternum

What is the purpose of the Rib Cage?

- To protect vital organs

The Cervical Vertebrae supports the ...............(a)

The Thoracic vertebrae achors the ................(b)

The Lumbar vertebre are thick in order to .................... (c) the body.

(a)- Head and neck

(b)- Ribs

(c)- Support

Connect the bone to the type of bone.

Long bone Carpals

Irregular bone Femur

Flat bone Vertebrae

Short bone Scapula

Long bone- Femur

Irregular- Vertebrae

Flat bone- Scapula

Short bone- Carpal

Bone tissue stores a number of minerls important for health. _____________, ______________,______________,_______________all contribbute to the maintanance of bone tissue as well as other roles in the body.

Calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium.

Explain how the two main types of bone tissue in the skeleton provedes support for the body.

Compact bone- Compact bone surrounds the cavity in the long bone giving rigid framework.

Cancellous bone- Also known as spongy bone, provides some shock absorbtion required at the end of long bones or at the edges of irregular bones.

In 2 sentances or less, give a description of flat bones. Provide an example of a flat bone.

Flat bones provide flat areasfor muscle attachment and usually enclose cavities for protecting organs. Examples could include the scull, ribs, sternum or scapula.

Irregular bones have no regular shape. Are the vertebrae an example of this? True or false


Where do sesamoid bones form? The patella is an example of a sesamoid bone

Sesamoid bones are small bones developed in tendons around some joints.

What shape do short bones roughly resemble? give an example.

Short bones roughly resemble a cube shape. Examples include carpals of wrist or tarsals of the foot.