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CG- 3123 form number
daily summery ration memo
CG 3471
Daily ration cost record
CG 2576
DF operating statement
CG 4901
sign in sheet
CG 4261
provision inventory report
DD 1901
Requisiton and invoice
CG 3476
Individual Credit account
CG 5269
Report of Survey
CG 3114
Inventory adjustment
CG 3469
provision inventory control record
Send FSO relief letter to ______ and ____.
Fincin and FSAT
when ordering reoccuring items w/o a predictabable quantity, which method is sometimes used?
BPA (blanket purchase agreement)
standard document has _ fields with up to _ charactors
8, 16
rapid risng dough is called______
During load planning what replenishment considerations should FSO consider?
procurement lead time
sources of procurement
advance notice to vendors
what does it mean to punch the dough?
fold in on itself
individaul credit accounts (ICA's) must be paid within _ days
Modify a recipe to lower ___, _____, and sodium
fat, carbs
____________ is responsible for preventative and corrective maintenance of food storage spaces
engineering dept
pork should be served at least _ in a seven day menu.
what is the rule of three in a seven day menu cycle?
no more the three fried foods, no more then 3 tomato based products and include a crisp, soft, and firm food in each meal.
you should serve steak at least _ a month
when serving seafood you should ensure 1 entree is a ____ _____.
fish filet
categories of sap
3 types of service:
formal table service, serving line, buffet style
block used to record sale of meals
two sources of supply
us govt and open market
food must be stored _ off the deck
high ratio shortening method
two stage
standard accounting string data format Alic is block _ and is always _
6, 0
first in first out
who is in charge of implementing sanitation program?
FSO and medical dept
danish should be _____ _______ when putting icing on
throughly cooled
there are _ TCS categories
soup and _____ are not necessary for every meal
you should order dairy products no more then _ days before deployment
safe requiremnts are found in the ______ _______ manuel
physical security
Deca surcharges are rolled in form
Sn Wolfe has improved his hygiene after being reprimanded, what shoud you do?
recognize and reinforce
during load planning what replenishment considerations should the fso take into consideration?
procurement lead time, sources of procurement, advance notice to vendors
the ___ handbook contains detailed procedures for BPA procurement from commericial sources
if you discover inventory descrepincies when relieving the fso you should
try and correct them or report them in an endorsement to the relief memorandum
the ____ Prime vendor food support and Coast Guard ___ _______ ________ provides step by step process for procuremnt from US Govt sources of supply
DCSP, Food ordering guidebook
what is the purpose of mixing dough?
to combine all ingrediants into a uniform smooth dough, distribute yeast evenly, develop gluten
The ______ ___ _______ manual contains step by step guidance on how to setup, operate, and maintain purchasing cash accounts
certifying and disbursing manual
if you recieve goods with an unpriced invoice the best thing to do is create a
dummy invoice
a disputed sales tax charge should always be referred to the
issuing bank
the ____ and ____ manual contains step by step guidance on how to set up, operate, and maintain purchasing cash accounts
certifying and disbursing manual
what type of service would you reccomend for a CPO mess ding in occasion?
formal table
charactistics of mousse?
soft and creamy, whipped egg whites, whipped cream or both, simple or complex
why does bread get crumbly?
wrong fermantation time, overproofing, baking temp too low, flour to weak, too little salt