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green fog

lithobates clamitans

bull frog

lithobates catesbeianus

gray tree frog

hyla versicolor

pickerel frog

lithobates palustris

leapard frog

lithobates pipiens

wood frog

lithobates sylvatica

spring peeper

pseudocris crucifer

mink frog

lithobates septentrionalis

american toad

bufo (anaxyrus) americanus o

four-toad salamander

hemidactylium scutatum

two-lined salamander

eurycea bislineata

eastern newt

notophthalmus viridescens

dusky salamander

desmognathus fuscus

redback salamander

plethodon cinereus


necturus maculosus

spotted salamander

ambystoma maculatum

blue-spotted salamander

ambystoma laterale

spring salamander

gyrinophilus porphyriticus