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Act 2 scene 3

"Virtue itself turn vice"

"Eastern clouds with streaks of light ...baleful weeds and precious juiced flowers"




"The canker death eats up the plant"

Distempered heart so soon to bid good morrow to thy bed"

"Good son"

"Was thou with rosaline?"

"Rosaline,whom thou didst love so dear so soon forsaken"

"Young men's love lies not truly in their heart but in their eyes"

" o she knew well thy love did read by rote and could not spell"

Act 2 scene 3

"Being tasted stays all senses with the heart"

"Not for loving"


"They stumble that run fast"

"To swift arrives as tardily as slow"

Act 2 scene 6

"These violent delights have violent ends"

" so smile the heavens upon this holy act ...with sorrow chide is not"

Iambic pentameter

Act 3 scene 3

"Thou slay thyself and slay thy doing damned and hate upon thyself"

"Thou headed to calamity"

"Be patient"

"Be broad and wide"

"Hold thy desperate hand!"


Act 4 scene 1

"Hold daughter"

"Kind of hope"

"I'll give thee remedy"

"Shall Romeo by my letters know our drift"

Act 5 Scene 3

"Greater power

"I hear some noise ...the watch is coming ...I dare no longer stay"

"Sisterhood of holy nuns"

"Life to be sacrificed"