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je suis a pied/je suis en voiture
I'm going by foot/I'm going by car
Il faut changer
i/we/they/he/she/it is necessary to: change
un etage
floor, storey (accent over first E points to left)
tout droit
straight ahead
le pont
the bridge
a droite
on the right (accent over A points to right) Remember to prounounce the T more strongly here
a cote de
next to (accent over A points to right; carrot over O; accent over E points to left)
apres (accent over E points to the right)
pas plus?
no more?
there (accent over A points to right)
so, then (O sounds like the O in "Oh")

Ex: Pour aller a Nore Dame il faut changer. Tu prends donc a l'Etoile la direction Vincennes et tu changes a Chatelet.
ou peut-on....?
where can one..? (accent over U in ou points to right
au fond
in fact
c'est un quart d'heure
it's a quarter of an hour
jusqu'au (bout)
as far as (here, with "bout" it means "right to the end")
to cross
c'est situe
it's situated (the E in situe has accent pointing to the left)

EX: Je prends le RER surtout pour aller travailler.
un petit peu plus loin
a little bit further on
Pour aller a la gare?
How do I get to the station? (accent over A points to the right) this is the standard way to ask for directions
en face de
facing, opposite
tres pratique
very handy, convenient (accent over E in pratique points to right)
l'enseigne (F)
du cote de
on the side of (carrot over the O; accent over E points to left)
un carrefour
a crossroads
le centre-ville
en plein melieu de
right in the middle of; in the full environment
au rez-de-chaussee
on the ground floor (accent over first E in chausee points to left)