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What incident sparked the Revolution?

The attack by the Third Estate on the Bastille State Prison

What did the French monarchy do to hasten the Revolution?

Extravagant lifestyle brought France to the verge of bankruptcy

Who were the Sans-Culottes?

Sans-Culottes were those without knee breeches; the common people of paris

When did the French Revolution start?

July 14th, 1789

What was the slogan for the French Revolution?

Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

What caused the price of bread to rise?

Lack of food and punishment for riots in Paris

What were some reasons Marie Antoinette was disliked?

Extravagant life style, not French but Austrian.

What were the three main social classes of 18th century France?

the First, Second, and Third Estates

Who made up the First estate?

The clergy

Who made up the second estate?


Who made up the Third estate?

bourgeoisie, the san-culottes and the peasants

Which assembly in France had the authority to vote on new taxes?

The general Assembly

Who were part of the Estates General?

Representatives of the 3 Estates

What was the most popular method of


The guillotine

What was the Tennis Court Oath?

A promise made by the members of the National Assembly to stay together until they had written a constitution for France; this was the first deliberate act of the revolution (treason)

When and where was the formation for the national Assembly announced?

1789 in the hall of an indoor tennis court in Versailles

Who was the leader of the Reign of Terror?

Maximilian Robespierre

Which battle was Napoleon defeated in?

Battle of Waterloo

What was the National Convention?

This was the legislative branch of government that deposed the kind of his title

Who was the Committee of Public Safety?

A group of 12 men who decided who was an enemy of the state; those who were, were executed

What was the Directory?

A group of 5 men who were given control of France following the Reign of Terror; Napoleon was one of the 5 men

Who were the Jacobins?

A revolutionary political club

What movement happened where woman marched in order to protest famine and imprison the royal family?

The Woman's March on Versailles

What were some causes of the French Revolution?

People were starving, and money was being spent without cause or need in the First and Second estate, Unfair taxes.

Why were Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette executed?

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed for being bad rulers, their careless spending, and their ignorance about the people of France

What French leader was an army captain who became the leader of France after a coup d'etat?

Napoleon Bonaparte

On July 14, 1789, a huge crowd in Paris broke in to the Bastille. This became known as "Storming the Bastille". Why did they choose this to destroy?

That's where gunpowder and weapons are stored which what they needed.

What happened to Napoleon Bonaparte after his defeat?

He lived in exile in St. Helena until his death

What marked the beginning of the French Revolution?

The Storming of the Bestille

What was the time during the French Revolution in which there was a wave of fear throughout the country called?

Reign of Terror

Which French leader created a national educational system?

Napoleon Bonaparte

___ were the workers of the Third Estate and this became a nickname of pride for the workers. Also known as "without culottes"


Which group in the legislative assembly did not want change?


Which group in the legislative assembly wanted little changed?

The moderates

Which group in the legislative assembly wanted immediate change?

The radicals

What was this feeling that Napoleon inspired in French people and those he conquered?


What was this feeling that Napoleon inspired in French people and those he conquered?


What was the "Great Fear"?

Events where peasants believed that the nobles were planning to crush them and stop the revolution. Therefore, they destroyed possessions and burned documents recording rents, feudal dues, and other obligations

What replaced the National Assembly?

Legislative Assembly

This means stroke of state, seizing power by force that was demonstrated by Napoléon

Coup D'etat