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Everything went wrong!
Tout a e/te/ de travers!
It was amazing!/unbelievably bad!
C'etait incroyable!
How was your day?
Comment s'est passe/e ta journe/e?
Oh no!
Oh la\ la\!
How was your weekend?
Comment s'est passe/ ton week-end?
It went really well!
Ca s'est tre\s bien passe/!
What a weekend!
Quel week-end!
How was your vacation?
Comment se sont passe/es tes vacances?
It's not serious.
C'est pas grave.
What a (great) day!
Quelle journe/e (formidable)!
Don't worry.
T'en fais pas.
It'll get better.
Ca va aller mieux.
I had a terrible day!
J'ai passe/ une journe/e horrible!
You poor thing!
Pauvre vieux/vieille!
Hang in there!
How did it go?
Comment ca s'est passe/?
Tough luck!
C'est pas de chance, ca!
It's just not my day!
C'est pas mon jour!