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What is the significance of a displaced lateral 1/3 # of the clavicle?
The Coracoclavicular ligament has been disrupted.
This is a/w 25% of nonunion.
What is a Pilon #?
It's a comminution of the distal tibia. Often confused with a trimalleolar #.
What is the patella apprehension test?
Lateral movement of the patella leading to resistance and fear from the patient
Name 3 classifications of pelvic #
Kane-according to break in ring
Young/Burgess-based on pattern of injury:lateral,AP or vertical.
Tile-directions of instability:stable, rotational and vertical instability

Methods of M&R of Shoulder D/L?
Scapula manipulation
Stimson Method(hanging arm)
Milch Maneuver
Kocher's (manipulation)
What is the Lover's Triad?
Calcaneum #, vertebral # and forearm #.
What is Barton's #?
Intra-articular rim # of the distal radius. Can be volar or dorsal.
Volar hard to reduce because of flexor muscle.
Dorsal need ORIF if >50%
What is Jone's fracture?
Transverse # of the base of 5th MT within 1-3cm distal to the proximal tuberosity
1/3 develop non-union.
Name one classification of # Neck of humerus
Neer's classification
1 part-no displacement
2 part-1 fragment displacement
3 part-2 fragments
4 part-3 fragments
What is lisfranc's Injury?
Tarsometatarsal d/l with or w/o #
Look for
1. # base of 2nd MT
2. Diastasis of 1st and 2nd MT
3. Diastasis of middle and medial cuneiform
What is Colle's #?
Distal radius # with dorsal displacement
What is Plafond #?
Avulsion # of the anterolateral piece of distal tiba attached to the ATFL.
What are the parts of a # neck of humerus
Anatomical neck
Greater tuberosity
Lesser tuberosity
Surgical neck
What is Maisoneuve's #?
Medial malleolus # a/w proximal # of the fibula.
This is a/w tibiofibular ligament disruption.
What is Galeazzi #?
# of distal radius + d/l of the DRUJ.
What is Tillaux #?
It is a impact injury of the talus on the medial aspect of the tibia during dorsiflexion
What is Essex Lopresti #?
Radial Head# with DRUJ dislocation
What is Rolando's #?
Comminuted intra-articular # of base of 1st MC
What is Gamekeeper's thumb?
Disruption of the Ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb.
Test with valgus stress.
Seen in skiing injuries or wringing game birds.
What is Smith's #?
Distal radius # with volar tilt. Hard to reduce because of flexor muscle pull.
What is Bennett's Fracture?
Intra-articular # of base of 1st MC
Pulled by abductor pollicis longus and brevis
What is boxer's #?
# of the neck of the 5th MC
What is Nightstick #?
Solitary # of the ulna.
What is Monteggia #?
# of proximal 1/3 ulna with d/l of the radial head.
What is Chauffer's #?
# of the radial styloid. Described in drivers who used to hand crank cars.