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The main function of the Governor of Ohio is to do what?
B. Enforce the laws of the State of Ohio.
Which is NOT a responsibility of the Governor of Ohio?
C. To apply Ohio's laws to court cases.
Who has the power to make laws for the State of Ohio?
A. The Ohio General Assembly
Which of the following is NOT a purpose of a democratic constitution?
B. To provide all the laws in a state.
How long is the elected term of an ohio State Senator?
C. Four years.
Which of the following is part of the judicial branch of government in Ohio?
B. The Ohio Supreme Court.
What is the responsibility of Ohio's judicial banch of government?
B. To interpret the laws.
Use the statements below to answer the following question.
* The Senate has 33 members.
* the House of Representatives has 99 members.
These statements in the box refer to what?
C. The Ohio General Assembly
Why are elections important in a democracy?
C. They are a peaceful way to let a majority of citizens make decisions.
Which is the main purpose for having a democratic constitution?
A. To define the authority of elected officials.