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Sang Ye (Chief): Clear heat from lungs & stop cough.

Ju Hua (Chief): Disperses upper-jiao wind-heat (red eyes)

Both: Release Exterior Wind-Heat

Lian Qiao & Bo He (Deputies): release exterior

Jie Geng (Deputy): helps qi ascend
Xing Ren (Deputy): helps qi descend

JG + XR = assists chiefs to facilitate the flow of Qi and stop cough.

Lu Gen (Assistant): clears heat & generates fluids = reduces thirst

Gan Cao (Envoy) clears heat & harmonizes the actions of the other herbs.

Actions: Releases exterior wind-heat & stops coughing by facilitating the flow of Lung Qi.

Slight fever, cough, slight thirst
TC: thin, white
P: floating, perhaps rapid

This is early, superficial stage of warm-febrile disease
Sang Ju Yin
Sang Ju Yin use jie, xin, qiao
lu gen, gan cao, bo he, _rao_
Sang Ju Yin Song
Jin Yin Hua & Lian Qiao (Chiefs): release exterior wind-heat & relieve toxicity.

Jie Geng & Niu Bang Zi (Deputies): benefit the throat

Bo He & Dan Dou Chi (Deputies): help chiefs to release the exterior.

Jing Jie (Assistant): release exterior w/o inducing dryness.

Dan Zhu Ye & Xian Lu Gen & Gan Cao (Assistants): generates fluids & alleviates thirst

Gan Cao + Jie Geng = big benefit sore throat

Actions: Disperses wind-heat, clears heat, & relieves toxicity.

Indications: Fever, slight or no chills, headache, thirst, cough, sore throat.
TB: red-tipped
TC: thin, white or thin, yellow
P: floating, rapid
Yin Qiao San
Yin Qiao San zhu _sang jiao ke_
zhu ye, jing, niu, chi, bo he
gan, jie, lu gen _liang jie fa_
Yin Qiao San
"Zhu" = use
"Sang Jiao Ke" = upper jiao disorder
"Liang Jie Fa" = cooling release method
Chai Hu & Ge Gen (Chiefs): release xie qi from the muscle layer while clearing heat.

Qiang Huo & Bai Zhi (Deputies): assist chiefs to release exterior & alleviate pain

Huang Qin & Shi Gao (Deputies): clear interior heat.
HQ - upper jiao
SQ - Yang Ming channel (Yang Brightness)

Jie Geng (Assistant): facilitates flow of Lung Qi & helps scatter the xie qi from the exterior

Bai Shao (Assistant): preserves yin by preventing the exterior releasing herbs from causing excessive sweating. (sour & cold)

Gan Cao (Envoy): harmonizes actions of other herbs.
GC + JG = clear heat from upper jiao (especially throat)

Sheng Jiang & Da Zao(Envoys): regulate Wei & Ying qi to facilitate the release of the xie qi & protect stomach qi

Actions: Releases pathogenic influences from the muscle layer & clears interior heat.

Indications: Exterior Wind Cold moving to - increasing fever & decreasing chills, headache, stiffness of extremities or neck, orbital & eye pain, dry nasal passages, irritability, insomnia
TC: thin, yellow
P: floating, slightly flooding.

Unresolved exterior wind-cold which has become constrained & is transforming into heat
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang
Sheng Ma (Chief): disperses wind in the Yang Ming channel, releases exterior, & vents rashes

Ge Gen (Deputy): disperses & stimulates activity in the superficial levels thus helping vent rashes, raises the fluids to expel heat.

Zhi Gan Cao (Assistant): augments qi & relieves toxicity thus helps chief & deputy clear heat & vent rashes. Sometimes Gan Cao is substituted because it has stronger action to relieve toxicity.

Chi Shao (Shao Yao)(Assistant):

CS + ZGC = prevents dispersing properties of chief & deputy herbs from injuring qi & yin.

Actions: Releases the muscle layer & vents rashes

Indications: Early stage measles & rashes that do not surface evenly.
Fever & Chills, headache, generalized body aches, sneezing, coughing, red eyes, tearing, thirst.
TB: red & dry
P: floating, rapid
Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang
Bo He (Chief): disperse wind from exterior, benefit head, clear heat

Chuan Xiong ,Bai Zhu, Qiang Huo (Deputies): disperse wind thus relieve headache
CX - shao yang & jue yin channels (temporal & vertex)
BZ - yang ming channel (orbital)
CH - tai yang channel (occipital)

Xi Xin (Deputy): scatters cold, alleviates pain. Headache along shao yin channel (orbital)

Jing Jie & Fang Feng (Assistants): disperse wind from head & release exterior.
FF - also alleviate generalized body aches

Gan Cao (Envoy): harmonize actions of other herbs.

Green Tea (honorary Envoy): clear heat from eyes moderates actions of warm, drying properties of some of other herbs.

Actions: Disperses wind & alleviates pain.

Indications: Headache in any part of the head accompanied by fever & chills, dizziness, nasal congestion.
TC: thin, white
P: floating

C&C: Headache from ascending Liver Yang
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
chuan xiang cha tiao yong: jing, feng,
xin, zhu, bo he, gan cao, qiang
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
Ge Gen (Chief): release muscle layer (especially upper back & neck) by drawing fluids to affected area. Release exterior.

Ma Huang (Deputy): induce sweating (release exterior).

Gui Zhi (Deputy): help chief release exterior & relieve muscle layer

Shao Yao (Bai Shao)(Assistant): preserve yin by moderating exterior releasing herbs.

SY + GZ = regulates wei & ying qi & assists in expulsion of xie qi.

Sheng Jiang & Da Zao (Assistants): regulate wei & ying qi & harmonize the Stomach.

Zhi Gan Cao (Envoy): harmonize actions of other herbs.

ZGC + BS = relieve muscle spasms

Actions: Release exterior & muscle layer, & generate fluids

Indications: Fever & Chills WITHOUT SWEAT, _stiff & rigid neck & upper back_.
TC: this, white
P: floating, tight
- Externally contracted wind-cold @ tai yang stage.
Ge Gen Tang