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3 parts that affect fire
a. weather (wind, temp., humidity)
b. fuel (horizontal plane is more fire)
c. topography (base of slope is more fire)
management principles
1. knowledge (understand)
2. planning (prediction)
3. execution (control)
a. resource limitations
b. social needs
c. available resources
d. effects of outcomes
a. reduce costs
b. increase social goods and services
3 ways to control an activity
a. education
b. enforcement
c. engineering
another way to say fuel
what can be controlled in a fire?
the fuel
types of insects
bark beetles
wood borers
terminal feeders
root feeders
seed & cone insects
gall makers
good insects- eat other insects
endemic- insects are just "there"
epidemic- insects are "everywhere"
*they can only transfer from states under changing conditions
3 parts of combustion
a. oxygen
b. fuel
c. heat
*need all 3 components, or no combustions
fire management (defn)
=the application of management principles to wildland fire occurene such that the implact of burning on a natural resource base is consistent with the goals of the managing organization, which reflects the needs of society
oxidation process
-organic compound--(to)--elements
types of disturbances
(animals and humans are seperate)
what are insects limited by?
-b/c they are cold blooded
2 clear states:
a. endemic
b. epidemic
forest fire management
-causes loss in forest
-dangerous, combustion process and an oxidation process
when does gasoline explode?
-when it is vaporized
-most common is fungi
-result in a sustained physiological condtion
-is continuous
=plant material heats and gases are given off
-most successful members of animal kingdom
*a pathogen is always a disease but a disease is not always a pathogen
can disturbances be good?
yes, it is something that decreases or increases plant growth or survival
what does it mean if entomology patterns match?
-the trees are the same species
a. the scheduling of manpower and equipment
b. integration with management actions and goals
what do long/short lines signify in entomology?
long-good growth,wide ring
short-not good growth, narrow ring
tree ring chronology
-the beginning of the graph signifies the old part of the tree, and the latter half signifies the younger part
BUT...if the pattern matches the earlier part, the tree is younger, and if it matches the latter part, it is an older tree
3 types of controls for insect disturbances
1. silviculture
2. biological (bt)
3. chemical
IPM- using all three methods