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Manitoba maple, box-elder
Acer negundo
-opposite compound leaf
-double samara
-doesn't look like a maple
-bole has knobs
-leaves are toothed, lobed
-smooth margin, broad and opposite leaves
White spruce, Canadian spruce
Picea glauca
-used for wood pulp, lumber, and landscape
-leaves are straight, stiff, sharp
-needles hang down, unsheathed, singly attatched
-needles flat in cross-section
Scots pine
Pinus sylvestris
-2 needle
-Christmas tree
-needles twisted, stiff, sharp-pointed
-cones are in clusters
Jack Pine
Pinus balsamifera
- 2 needle
-hard pine
-found around sand
-not a dense crown
(b/c of hyphen, not a true fir)
Pseudotsuga menzieii
-bracts on cones
-5 needles
Eastern white pine
Pinus strobus
trembling (quaking) aspen
Populus tremuloides
-flat petiole
Paper birch, white birch
Betula Papyrifera
-white bark
-zigzag twig
-alternate branches
-ornamental, landscaping
-bark sheds in large sheets
-leaves are double-toothed
lodgepole pine
Pinus Contorta
-contorta means twisted
-2 needle
Red ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica
-single samara
-opposite branches
-compound leaf
Juglans cinerea
White Ash
Fraxinus americana
-shade-tolerant in Eastern Canada
-used for commercial ash wood
-terminal bud, compound leaves, petiole was absent, with single samara
Swiss stone pine
Pinus cembra
-thick 5 needle fasicle bundle
Ohio Buckeye
-Aesculus glabra
-likes moist sites
-leaves are compound, prominent petiole, alternate leaves, toothed margin
Bur Oak
-Quercus macrocarpa
-drought-tolerant, and moderately shade-tolerant
-leaves are long with rounded lobes
-unique leaf shape
Ginkgo or maiden hair tree
Ginko biloba
-2nd oldest tree in world
-looks like a fan
White Fir
-Abies concolor
-expensive tree
Ponderosa Pine
Pinus ponderosa
Blue Spruce, Colorado spruce
Picea pungens
-stiff, angular, sharp needles
-sensitive to iron
-native to rocky mntn area
-ornamental purposes
-cones are chestnut brown, thin, and flexible
-bark is flaky
American Elm, white elm
Ulmus americana
-found on wet sites
-shade tolerant, but grows better in sun
-bark of tree is dark-grayish brown
-toothed margin, alternate, compound leaves
-large and course margin, not lobed, full-crown
Siberian Larch
Larix sibirica
-needles fall off
-needles are whorals
Tilia americana
aka Linden
-used for furniture, and by beekeepers
-leaves are long and thick
-heart-shaped leaves
The rest of the trees are not native to Canada but common ornaments in canada
Balsam Poplar
Populus balsamifera
-black poplar
European Mountain Ash
Sorbus aucupaia
-Sorbus means not a true ash
-compound leaf
-red berries
-keeps leaves in winter
Silver Maple
Acer saccharinum
-opposite-single leaf
-looks like a maple