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Force Heatlth Protection includes all measures taken by the COC to do what?
1. Promote,Improve, Conserve, or restore the mental or physical well-being of personnel across the range of military ops.
What are the 3 pillars of FHP?
1. healthy and fit force
2. casualty protection
3. casualty care management
Who is responsible for the implementation of FHP within his or her area of responsibility (AOR).
Geographic combatant commander
Who, appointed by the GCC, is responsible for the coordination and integraiton of the health service support (HSS) mission among the participating Service components.
Joint Force Surgeon (JFS)
How is FHP accomplished?
by promotion of wellness,physical and mental conditioning, medical surveillance, prevenmed, and the establishment of a phased heatlh care delivery system.
HSS includes, but not limited to the following areas?
1. med treatment
2. patient movement
3. hospitalization
4. forward resuscitative
5. surgery
6. dental services
8. Vet
9. Dental
10. COmbat stess control
11. HSLS
12. MED Lab
13. CC
14. COMMun.
15. Computers
Casualty prevention focuses on what?
threats posed by enemy forces and occupational and environmental health threats.
Health threat depends on a complex set of what?
Environmental and occupation factors that combine to produce DNBIs and COSRs and are serious threat to US forces.
What is a critical componenet of FHP?
robust health surveillance system
The 3rd FHP pillar, casualty care management includes?
patient care and movement
How many phases are there for Casualty Care managment?
What are the phases of Casualty care mangement.
First responder, forward resuscitative surgery, theater hospitalization, en route care, and care outside the theater
What is necessary precondition for further patient movement?
Forward Resuscitative surgery is what Phase?
Phase II
Theater Hospitalization is what Phase of FHP?
Phase III
Phase IV is what type of Care?
En Route Care