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are a single-cell microorganisms that can cause food poisoning when they are consumed live in food, or through the toxins they produce once they are ingested.


are chemical substances that act as biological catalysts in plants, animals and microorganisms. They bring about and speed up chemical reactions in foods without becoming involved in the reaction.

Food Spoilage

Is a reduction in the food quality identified by deterioration in the physical, chemical and/or sensory properties.


Of food involves the transfer of harmful bacteria from uncooked or raw food to that has already been cooked or prepared.

Food Poisoning

Is an illness caused by consuming foods contaminated by bacteria, chemicals, or biological contamination.


Are a form of fungi that reproduce by forming spores.


Are single-cell microscopic fungi that reproduce by a process called 'budding.'

AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services.)

Is a statutory body operating at a national level that is responsible for imported food inspection exports from Australia and border protection and quarantine.

FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand.)

Is a partnership between the Commonwealth (federal), New Zealand, state and territory governments to develop and implement uniform food standards.

High-level health claim.

Is a claim that describes the function of a food, nutrient or other substance in relation to a serious disease (for example, heart disease) or an indicator or biomarker of a serious disease (for example, blood pressure.)

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Is a code developed by FSANZ covering locally grown and processed food that prescribes exactly what every food must contain or may contain; nothing else is permitted in that food.

General level health claim.

Describes a relationship between the consumption of a food, or a component in the food, and a health benefit it can provide.

Mandatory warning statements.

Are prescribed statements that must be included on the label using the exact words listed in the standard.

Food product recall.

Is an action taken to remove from distribution, sale and consumption, food that may pose a health and safety risk to consumers.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.)

Is a food safety system that identifies potential food hazards and their control points at all stages in the production of food.

Nutrition content claim.

Is a statement made by a manufacturer about the amount of a nutrient, energy or a biologically active substance in the food.