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What temperature does bacteria occur?

Bacteria occurs between 5c to 63c which is known as danger zone.

How does food poisoning happen?

Food poisoning occurs if harmful microorganisms contaminate food and then allowed to grow.

How many main types of food poisoning bacteria's are there?


What are the three main food poisoning?

Salmonella, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus

What is the main source of Salmonella

Eggs and Poultry

The main source for Campylobacter?

Meat, Poultry and shellfish

The main source for Stamphylococcus aureus

Meat, Poultry and salad

Best food storage?

Cheese/dairy,cooked meat/pie/patè, covered raw meats/poultry, salads in lidded boxes

What colour plaster do you wear?


What should girls do eith their hair?

Tie it back

First thing you do before touching any imgredients

Wash your hands

What shouldn't people do near food?

Smoke or chew

What shouldn't you do when handling food?

Touch your nose, ears or hair

What sort of monitoring is carred out by computer sensors?

Temperature of the food at all stages of the ptoduct run, pH level, moisture content, thickness of the dough, colour of food, timing of cokking and cooling, rate of flow for adding liquid/filling product, weight of ingredients and the food product

What are the four packaging materials?

Metal, glass, card/paperboard and plastic

Main use of Yeast in bread?

Yeast is the raising agent

What does yeast need

Food, moisture, warmth and timing to grow and fermentation

Main use of liquid in bread?

Blinds the dry ingredients together in the development of gluten

Between what temperature does liquid need to be to help the yeast

Lukewarm between 25c to 35c

Three main compounts of salt in bread

Adds flavour, controls the action of yeast and strengthens the gluten