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What is a preservative?

Additives to prevent bacteria growing

What is colouring?

Make food look more appetising and add colour to colourless foods or return colour if it's lost during processing

What is a flavouring

Improves taste or aroma of a product

What is caramelisation?

When sugar is heated and forms a sweet tasting brown liquid

What is fermentation?

When yeast breaks down sugars to release carbon dioxide and alcohol

What is functional food?

A food that has been artificially modified to provide a particular health benefit on top of its normal nutritional value

What is gluten?

A protein found in flour that makes dough stretchy

What is hydrogenation?

A process that makes oils more solid at room temp e.g to make margarine

Define unsaturated fat

A group of fats that come mainly from vegetable sources and are usually liquid at room temp

What is viscous?

A thick syrupy consistency

What's a standard food component?

A ready made food ingredients or food part like a ready made pizza base

What is a solution?

What you get when a solid dissolves into a liquid

What is sensory analysis?

Testing samples of food and rating how good they are in various ways like taste or texture. Done to find out what customers think of products

What is syneresis?

When protein coagulates and squeezes the fat and water out of a food

What is suspension?

What you get when a solid is held in a liquid but doesn't dissolve

What is marinating?

To soak something in a mixture of things like oil, wine, vinegar and herbs to give flavour

What is lecithin?

A natural emulsifier found in egg yolks

What are nano particles?

Tiny particles of a substance. Often have different properties from the normal substance

What is gelatinisation?

When starch particles swell and burst thickening a liquid

What does CAD stand for

Computer aided design

What does CAM stand for

Computer aided manufacture

What does aeration do?

Release bubbles of gas which expand when heated to make mixtures rise