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What regulation is there for hygiene rules for all foods in food business?

Regulation on Food Hygiene (No 852/2004)

What regulation has additional hygiene rules for foods of animal origin for food business?

Regulation on specific hygiene rules of food or animal origin (No 853/2004)

What regulation has hygiene rules for all foods for regulators?

Regulation on Official Control of Food and Feed (No 882/2004)

What regulation has additional hygiene rules for foods of animal origin?

Regulation on Official Controls on Foods of Animal Origin (No 854/2004)

What must food businesses be?

Registered or approved, notify competent authority of any significant change in activities and any closure of an existing establishment

What must food businesses comply with?

General food hygiene requirements: Annex 1 (on farm), Annex 2 (all other businesses)

What are the 3 types of hygiene?

structural hygiene, operational hygiene and personal hygiene

What must food handlers be trained in?

Supervised and instructed or trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activities

What Annex applies to the farm?


What Annex applies to all non-farm food businesses?


What are 4 specific hygiene requirements must also be complied with?

Maintenance of cold chain, temp control requirements, microbiological criteria, sampling and analysis

What are the 5 biological hazards in food?

bacteria, viruses, fungi, TSEs and parasites

What are the 9 chemical hazards in food?

Mycotoxins, seafood toxins, bacterial toxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues, plant toxins, veterinary drug residues, food contact materials, environmental and process contaminants

What are the 4 physical contaminants in food?

hair, nails, glass and metals

How many allergens are covered by EU labeling legislation?


What are the 7 principles of HACCP?

Hazard analysis, CCPs, Critical limits, monitoring, corrective action, verification and document

What is contained in regulation 853/2004?

Additional requirements to 852/2004 for businesses producing foods of animal origin, registration or approval of premises, inter-community trade or importation

What is in Annex 1 of regulation 853/2004?


What is in Annex 2 of regulation 853/2004?

health and identification marking

What is in Annex 3 of regulation 853/2004?

Specific hygiene requirements

What does regulation 157/2002 cover?

Farm to fork

What does GAP/GMP/GHP cover?

Primary production to retail and catering

What does HACCP cover?

harvest and cutting, processing and wholesale, retail and catering

What does regulation 2073/2005 contain?

Microbiological Criteria for Foodstuffs

What is in Annex 1 in regulation 2073/2005?

Food safety criteria and process hygiene criteria

What is in Annex 2 in regulation 2073/2005?

Shelf-life studies

What are the 2 microbiological criteria?

food safety criterion and process hygiene criterion

What are the 3 categories of RTE foods that could contain L. monocytogenes?

RTE foods for infants and special medical purposes, RTE foods able to support growth, RTE foods unable to support growth

What foods are unable to support L. monocytogenes growth?

pH<4.4, aw<0.92, pH<5 AND aw<0.94, products with shelf life <5 days

What is the obligation of food business operators?

Ensure foods comply with relevant process hygiene and food safety criteria, take measures as part of procedures based on GHP and HACCP principles

What does validation mean?

obtaining evidence that your HACCP plan is effective

What does verification mean?

checking you're doing what you planned to

What 5 pieces of info does a microbiological criterion contain?

food concerned, microorganism or microbial toxin of concern, sampling plan, microbiological limit, analytical reference method

What happens if the food safety criterion is not met?

food must be withdrawn or recalled from market in accordance with article 19 of 178/2002

What is a batch?

Group or set of identifiable products obtained from given process under practically identical circumstances and produced in given place within one defined production period (article 2 of 2073/2005)

What 4 other requirements are included in 2073/2005?

frequency of sampling, analyses of trends, environmental monitoring, labeling

What is the FSAI?

national agency responsible for enforcement of food safety legislation in Ireland

What was the FSAI established under?

FSAI Act, 1998

Who does the FSAI report to?

Minister for Health

When did the FSAI come into effect?

1st January 1999

What are the 4 roles of the FSAI?

Co-ordinate enforcement of food law, advise government departments on food safety policy, ensure policy advice and risk management decisions are based on science, work in partnership with stakeholders in food chain to ensure compliance with food law

What 6 agencies have service contracts with FSAI?

Department of Ag, Food and Marine, Local Authorities, Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, Marine Institute, Health Service Executive, National Standards Authority of Ireland

What 4 notices/orders are under the FSAI Act?

Improvement notice, improvement order, closure order and prohibition order

When is an improvement notice given?

conditions likely to pose risk to public health

When is an improvement order given?

if improvement notice not compiled with

Who issues improvement orders?

District Court

When is a closure order given?

conditions present 'grave and immediate danger' to public health

When is a prohibition order given?

serious risk from particular product, class, batch or food item